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  1. @ADFinlayson May I suggest you check with some of the Doctor/Surgeons in your area. Many like to play as it keeps there hands and fingers nimble. Dentist are another group that applies there hands as well. Just thinking outloud.
  2. Very old post that has been resurrected for some reason?
  3. Looks good, I do have one question though. It appears that you are using pipe for the bender. I hope that is NOT GALVANIZED pipe? If it is please be aware that heating galvanized pipe can be very deadly. The fumes from the galvanization burning off is very poisonous and deadly. MK
  4. Another thing is this when cutting the edge of the center line with your CNC do each edge on the opposite side of your cutter. This will take in account any possible tramming issues in that axis. Similar to cutting a piece in two if that makes since? MK cut.pdf
  5. Well maybe you need to quit pissing on your hops. LOL!!!
  6. look at shars.com. cutting tools square end mills go to bottom of the left side for lengths https://www.shars.com/products/cutting/end-mills?cutting_diameter=1%2F4&end_mill_category=Square+End&overall_length=4 even though the flute lengths are only 1". so It is imperative that you are trammed correctly. I use the 3 " in 1/8" Ball nose for drilling through holes on hardtail bodies mk
  7. I have 4" end mils in 1/8" and 1/4" and a 6" in 1/2" diameter it all depends on the flex of the machine and the tramming.. MK
  8. I have been at this for a long time Grasshopper. If the join looks wonky when done, use the 30* again on the line very faintly and fill with pearl powder and clear epoxy or CA. mk
  9. Just a little knowledge that can make a project go from very nice to wow. another thing you can do is dye the insert first, then it is easy to dye the inside edge after it is cut out as binding without the problems of bleed. mk
  10. You can always do the f-hole binding this way. Using a 30* v-bit, carve the f-holes to size. Now using the same v-bit make male inserts that glue in (inverse of original v-carve). Once done use a standard end mill to cut the edge binding by the offset needed. Here is a PDF file that shows the dimensions of v-bit cutters from a side view. MK V-Bit Chart.pdf
  11. Go to school, get a Masters degree minimum in a field that is useful. "Not Art". Make guitars as a hobby, enjoy the $$$ and life. We had a guy here on PG, that had his Phd in Astro Physics. He worked for the Carnegie Melon Institute of Technology and the Smithsonian. He was one of the first persons to discover that water was in the moon rocks we brought back in the 60s. He built some beautiful guitars. Or follow the path of guitars, Like PGs own Rhoads56 Now known as Ormsby Guitars. mk
  12. It is Christmas Eve Day, I want to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas. 2020 has been a very trying year for us all. So please have cheer and happiness in your hearts this holiday season. Peace to you all. Mike
  13. Leslie West of Mountain passed from cardic arrest. He was 75. Rest in Peace sir mk
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