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  1. Yep and I am 500+ miles or approx 800+ kilometers North of Ron. Our windchill temp here is 1* C today. There is ice and freezing rain about 150 miles West of me.
  2. We get ice storms and some snow as well . It's currently 42*f here and raining. LOL mk
  3. So I have procrastinated for quite awhile on replacing the AC unit in the shop./garage. I have fixed it numerous times over the years. I don't have any heat anymore as the space heaters I had been using began having electrical issues. LOL Now it is cold and my procrastination mode has turned to Hurry up mode, do something quick dumbass. LOL. So instead of replacing the old window style AC unit with a Window type AC/heat unit. I just ordered a split AC/Heat pump unit for the shop. Oh my, this should be fun, maybe? Hopefully next week I will be back up and not freezing my bu
  4. So now I have flipped the neck blank. and resurfaced it just to the point of opening up the heel cut. Why you ask? This way I can now cut the slot for a truss rod, add the fretboard blank with a rear over hang for a 24 fret. Next will be to radius the Fboard after making the markers. Then I will cut the fretslots with the radius . then scallop the headstock which I already drilled the tuner holes when it was on the other side. last I wil profile the entire thing including the fretboard overhang. I have already profiled the neck heel from the other side.
  5. I only use those on very fine work. I have even used 1/16" and 1/32" TBN, Otherwise I use a straight 1/4" or 1/8" BN. One other thing is not to do all of the surface just what needs to be milled using a vector to contain the area. If it is flat there is no reason to mill that in a finish. it can be easily sanded to transition if needed.. MK Also the back side ready to flip.
  6. So when you use Aspire and some other types of CAD/CAM software that import STL files mainly. This is the problem you may face with STLs. If the mesh count is not up to par it will introduce triangulation artifacts in your work. Which will show up in the milling as well. Sometmes in Aspire you need to up the visual resolution in order to see it. There are also two available higher resolution modes, Extremely high (20X slower) and Maximum (50X slower) that are not normally visible. They can be made available in the Model Resolution pull-down menu by holding the Shift key down before selecting
  7. I was using a 1/4" ballnose with a 6% stepover at 180ipm for this. My finish pass endmills are determined by what I am doing.
  8. So to speed things up just a bit, I tried using a smaller number in my meshes/breps. which in turn creates larger triangulations if converted to STL. This is not good. While it may look good in the software design, it shows up on the CNC as large triangulation and is rough, So I will need to go back and redo this one. Since it is a one off I will just sand the neck. but it does make me look at my settings in Rhino. MK
  9. A piece of scrap I found laying in the back of the shop. LOL. This is going to be a neck for a CBG 3 string. mk
  10. So here is a neck blank I just finished surfacing both sides before I start the next operation of carving the neck. MK
  11. This should be a Pbass Vectored PDf file. OOPS no side profile? look at Neck2 Drawings 51-p-bass-neck.pdf Neck 2 Drawing Section-1.pdf
  12. No big deal as the holes are not a problem only when they raise up the surface and things don't sit flat. A quick scrape with a blade and that is gone. Resurface every few weeks as the mdf will swell some over time due to humidity. The screws that hold the MDF down are counter sunk so I have about 0.550" of surface I can remove.. Removing approx 0.010"-0.015" every few weeks to keep flat.
  13. Ha, finally got to it. New Spoil board installed and surfaced. Smooth as a babies butt. mk
  14. Thanks Scott, I thought about it in the middle of the night . Used Photoshop and made that. LOL. MK
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