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  1. Yes you are correct that is honey locust. I should have looked at it closer from the far away pics. LOL I saw the thorns and went Mesquite. LOL I agree Mesquite more useful. at least you can BBQ with it. LOL MK
  2. Mesquite trees, Miss being out in West Texas where they are in plenty of supply. mk
  3. Yes sir, the bluest of cities in a red state. Keep Austin weird.
  4. Well I am done with it. started it up with my variac at 80VAC now at 100VAC and all looks good and I am able to plug it into an amp and it sounds great so far. A few more hours of variac time and bringing the voltage up to spec, then totally done and will do all final testing. YEAH!!! So far no magic smoke. MK
  5. Did the Scsi Mod for the internal 5volts on the 25th pin of the connector. mk
  6. Got the digital board and the analog board done as well. mk
  7. HI all, I am in the process of doing a full electrolytic recap on an Ensoniq TS-10 synth/workstation. Man this is a PITA. It happens to mine and I have not used it for about 7 years. I decided before I sell it as it sometimes has errors to recap this thing from end to end and fix any other problems I can find and fix. So far just caps and one "A" key has a problem and I found a replacent key and waiting for it to arrive. I will also go ahead and do a mod for the scsi board that will allow onboard 5volts for using the newer scsi5.5SD2 board as a plug in unit without outside need
  8. NIce one there @Drak. A true gentleman in all of the senses. MK
  9. I feel ya brother. It sucks. LOL mk
  10. Not sure if it is just me, but this year the allergy season here in Texas seems to be the worse I can remember? My eyes feel like they are buried in the Sahara desert and my nose is in the flood zone of the snotty river. Man this is really frigging crappy. LOL!!! MK
  11. I see you will be going the bolt on way. A good choice based on not having or wanting the equipment to work with the dovetail. When I made acoustics I went to the bolt on direction much easier in my opinion. I tried the dovetail way and it is a very tedious process. Good luck and stay with it slow for now. mk
  12. @Bizman62, Too funny my friend, thanks for the laugh. I get your point. I put a light very thinned coat of blonde shellac on to see where any problems may be as far as blotching, scratches and such. It sure changes the color of it. Not great pics but it let's me see my problem areas. Most will get sanded back and not show but I will need to be careful when I use a clear to not let it get into the grain and color it to dark. I will test some sealer on scrap first if that wont work then it will be a slow light spray and build up LOL mk
  13. @Gogzs,Funny you say that, as I too think it would be better looking as a cut horn. I have someone that wants it when done as it is, so I will just continue on with it and leave it alone. LOL Mike
  14. My thought s back then were to make custom rings from black ebony. Still on the fence with this process.
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