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  1. Whatever you do I would prefer not to use plastic binding, use a flashy wood. Putting plastic is like steel wheels under your Corvette.
  2. Sounds like you already know most of the important contacts! DLH does sell wood in small quantities, just email them and ask for a price list (they have one at least in Finnish). If you really want something special and native ask Ruokangas for some arctic birch to top your Ricky. I've been considering a composite fretboard by Flaxwood for my next project (whenever the time comes), contact the guys in Joensuu if you're feeling ecological!
  3. Firstly, Prostheta, officially welcome to my country! Before getting into voting a few tips for an expatriot luthier in Finland - I've been an expat myself and know how helpful advice can be. A couple of links that may come of use: Woods: http://www.dlh-finland.fi/ www.amfisound.fi http://www.ruokangas.fi Tools: http://www.korpi-instruments.com/ Electronics: http://www.spelektroniikka.fi/luet2002.htm (GP-pages in catalog, also English description) http://www.uraltone.com (nice place for gtr components, amp parts, speakers etc) Sorry to hear that you're short of tools. Are you aware of the folk high school (kansalaisopisto) system in Finland? You could get onto a woodwork class to have access to decent tools. Alternatively you could talk to a headmaster/woodworks teacher at a local primary/secondary school, you live in a small town so they might be flexible enough to give you keys to the class for the summer. BTW, did you know that there's a luthier school in Ikaalinen just some 120km from where you live? They may be able to help you, too. There are numerous professional guitar makers in Finland considering the size of our population. Then into your poll which I think is an unfair one (5 basses, 1 gtr). Knowing your research on the Red Special OF COURSE you should make one if you haven't by now! However, as a guitarist I couldn't care less to make a bass myself so I understand if you choose to go for a bass. Unfortunately I know nothing about basses so I cannot help. The Rickys are my favourite, have a look at this and this one my friends at Amfisound made for one of Finland's front row bassists.
  4. Holy s*#t, that is one beaute!! I have a Korean Tele that I hardly play, maybe I should redo the top with one of the fancy leaves, I like the orange one. Anyway, took your advice and photographed my gold top in spring sunshine for GOTM, go vote!
  5. Aurum a.k.a. the Real Gold Top LP (hence the name, “gold” in latin) Neck: 2-piece mahogany, matte PU finish Fretboard: ebony, 24.75” scale, 12” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, vine/floral inlay (square silver stock, MOP, Baltic amber, gold leaf) Headstock: ebony, floral inlay, etched truss-rod cover, Planet Waves auto-trim locking tuners, Earvana saddle Body: single piece mahogany, maple top, tummy cut and armrest, 23k gold leaf top, multiple bindings, sculpted heel, PU finish Bridge & Tailpiece: TonePros Tune-o-matic Pickups: Bare Knuckle Pickups – The Mule calibrated set Electronics: N-tune chromatic tuner on toggle switch plate (1st push/pull tone pot activates tuner and mutes the output), phase switch (2nd push/pull tone pot) For more photos and gilding tips see build thread and my etching tutorial.
  6. Prostheta, I like your Finnish ;-) What's your kesäprojekti? Amfisound is a good source for wood but their stock varies. I know the guys very well, their workshop is on the other side of my town and I deal with them frequently. I can recommend both their tonewoods and guitars. Have you read the two books about Finnish luthiers? GOTM - will do!
  7. Classy! I love the minimalistic approach on the soundholes. Keep it up!
  8. Fini! Really satisfied with improved playability due to the modified front and back contour. My first experience with BKP pups - Man, the Mules rock!! THE END
  9. ... and the final bits... Covers N-tune chromatic tuner
  10. Headstock put together. Planet Waves tuners, Earvana saddle and custom truss rod cover (see tutorial). Lacqueur left matte behind the neck
  11. After weeks of radio silence some pics on the final phases of the gtr. Polishing Mounting the posts Getting there...
  12. The first round of clearcoat over the gold has now dried. All irregularities of the gilding show through the PU finish, was naive to expect anything else, but I really fancy the handcrafted appearance. Would be a shame if it was mistaken for a regular gold top PS. The March issue of Guitarist magazine had a 12-string resonator with a gilded resonator cover plate by Versoul, my fellow countryman.
  13. Terve! Asun Oulun seudulla. Kitarapuut ostan Amfisoundilta. Monet tilaa tuolta. Hauskat sivut sulla!
  14. Motorcycle tank, yes! Vinny, have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnOp0R4A0QA. When you're finished post a pick, no matter how off-topic it is.
  15. Go ahead, man! Send me a PM if you need more detailed guilding tips. And thanks for the comments! I really didn't know what was coming before the work was done, hate to practice with something like this. First coat of lacquer on Thu, let's hope it maintains the visual appeal.
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