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    deathmetal,guitars and music equipment.im a tattoo artist also.females
  1. finaly geting started on my bass build.whats a good headstock angle for a neckthrough bass?
  2. the trem was in bad shape so i put this chrome one on it but want to get one of the old kahlers that was originaly on the guitar to put back on it
  3. this guitar was baught by rob barret "malevolent creation/hate plow/cannibal corpse".the guitar was a lepard skin color all over new so rob had it painted primer grey.rob then sold it to tony norman "monstrosity/terrorizer/morbid angel".tony repainted the guitar black all over.i baught it from tony about 5 years ago since then the paint has been flakeing and all so i sanded it down to natural color and painted it all camoflauge.tryed to keep as much of the logo as i could on the guitar but some was unsaveable.will post some picks if anyone wants to see them.still have to finish the clear coati
  4. just my honest opinion but ed roman is a hack.used to and probly still does convert cheap bc rich guitars into usa ones.even makes them or used to and sells them as originals.he use to offer a pretty good bit of $$$ for usa neckplates.probly frauded other companies like jackson also.
  5. brian hoffman has a b.c.rich beast thats trans red with red fret board.might can find info on it.
  6. still have to rout under the kahler for the springs underneath.its a small rout tho.
  7. quilted maple board would be cool also dyed to mach a body and head.
  8. ibanez lo-trs trem,looks like dimazio pickups,jack is in the body,2 knobs,5 way switch,24 frets with dots,black with what looks like super small gold flake in the paint.no stripe on back of neck,all maple.
  9. i donated a few weeks ago and was wondering what does that let me access and how long does it usualy take before your staus is changed?
  10. not shure the guy i got it from had it a few years but never used it no fret ware at all.has a floyd type trem. only numbers on the head is on the back it says cef9952043 ibanes logo is chrome with the white checkmark and rg series.
  11. i been wondering this for a while.how do you tell what model you have? i used to have a rg570 if i remember right but i only knew that because the tag on the guitar said it.ive got a older 7 string but dont know what model but know its a rg.
  12. bass will be used for deathmetal style music.thanks for the help to any who reply.
  13. monstrosity/the angels venom possessed/pentagram deicide/scars of the crucifix
  14. im a tattoo artist also shop was a fun place.heard alot of stories there from some cool people.i do alot of art simular to what you got maybe a bit more demonic lookin and disturbing but paul booth is still the man to me. www.darkimages.com
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