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  1. I'm still not sure about the headstock, but looks A LOT better then i thought it would. The color is fun, i love those retro 50's colors.
  2. I really appreciate that offer, but i don't think it's a good idea. It would be quite costly to send something, from the US to germany, and it may be quite a lot of trouble to import/export small amounts of exotic wood. I will have to ask around more in the area once the temperatures get a bit more humane again. But it quite surprised me how afraid professionals can be about amateurs, most i've contacted didn't even answer me, and it's not like i asked to get something for free. Coming here is always so much nicer than to deal with people in the region that make their money with that. Thanks - it really is appreciated.
  3. I actually didn't since i thought this would diminish the sound. Any experience? Can i still put a french polish on there if i do, and how do i keep it from dripping into the body? Sorry, for all the questions, i've actually never considered this so far. The soundhole is extremely small, putting something on the inside to keep it from running into the soundbox could be quite difficult, or at least i can't fit my hand in there.
  4. No thoughts on this? :/ Well i took 2 pictures just now if that may help. One of the cracks and the material. Yes the back isn't yet done with sanding i thought i have to do it anyway when i inlay wood to fix the crack, so i decided to do that then.
  5. The build-in mic is no good though, a adapter cable can be bought from peterson though, the piezo clip-on pup should then also work with it i guess. Should a overall 40$ or something like that.
  6. Why no peterson? Yes they are expansive, but i'm convinced that they are worth it. But i also got a korg ca 30 and it's mostly ok for what it costs, don't know how good or bad the ca 1 is. Unlike workingman's korg mine is off 2hz though, can be adjusted, but it worries me a bit. Peterson also got a clip-pickup which actually comes with the stroboflip, but it can be bought separately, apparently it even can be used with every chromatic tuner. So if you want that feature without buying a tuner that's not very versatile, then maybe the peterson is the way to got http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/402/G...ning_Pickup.htm
  7. I've just received the wood i intended to use to fix the cracks on my parlor guitar: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...=43373&st=0 For those that are interest in the detail, the rest can scroll down. It got 2 (roughly) 10 - 11cm long cracks in a mahogany back, pretty bad stuff from all i know. I intended to rout those and inlay sticks of new wood in there. So i've ordered a 12cm turning blank for a knife. Problem: They all looked a lot lighter in the picture and where all straight grained in the picture, it said "mahogany" but it was just a "stand in" for all kinds. What i got now is khaya - aka african mahogany, which got a dark creamy coffee color, but the grain goes like a shallow "/" across the short side of the piece. It looks very nice it obviously is nice wood, but it will be visible, is there a way to bleach that a bit? I can deal with that if i can't, but it's a issue, i put a TON of work into making it look good. The main bit: Can i actually use that or will it mess up my guitar? It's mahogany alright, but the wrong kind, and the grain goes in the wrong direction. Anything i have to take care off or watch? Any advice? *bangs head against wall* Should i post pictures?
  8. Summer sucks, you need something to remind yourself of winter. Like the green though. Green is mostly a love or hate thing though, have to be careful with that color. I miss you winter please come back.
  9. Haven't seen it mentioned so far so i thought i ask: How many frets? I know joe usually used 22 but recently started to use 24, and also released a signature with 24 frets. I love the look of that quilt on that maple. :3 Not sure though how gold will fit green, i would have chosen black hardware, but let's see how it turns out, and it can be changed anyway.
  10. Sorry guys, long time no see. My nerves are gone and i like to recommend to everyone who is reading this: Don't try milling your own lumber! I have no nerves left at this point and will need some time to recover. Just let's not mention that ebony ever again, since i've also sort of wasted a lot of my money which i would have really needed. Well i have the rough cut pieces and in some days from now i will start making the fretboard and bridge. I made a little cardboard temp, and if someone got any recommendations on the design, please tell me now. BTW: Does anyone have a good product to stain ebony with? Black! That stewmac stuff looks nice, but i just can not afford the shipping if anyone knows a different product that works good, or a european distributor for that stuff, feel free to let me know. Or are there any points against using something like that? The wood looks pretty even, but i expected it to be darker! I have a headache THIS big. ~.~
  11. That lappy still is my fav but i have to say, the tele is starting to look quite good aswell.
  12. I actually got myself a mask with 2 filters some little while ago! Really like it, and it's quite easy to breath, so i almost always wear it while working on something, just as a precaution. If i'm grinding instead of cutting it should also mean that i don't get as much tear-out and stuff breaking off right? :3 Just in case my description of the method of cutting wasn't clear... I made a illustration: The top one is a top-view - the other two are from the same side. Brown - saw horses Blue - metal rods Black - ebony Red - flat surface with hole in it Green - Feet (stacks of 7mm thick disks screwed to the feet of the saw horses) Again in short: I would use the surface for guiding my cut - i will most likely use a flush-cut saw. After each cut i remove 1 piece of the feet from the outer sawhorses, or add one on the ones on which the ebony is resting, to always get consistent boards of 6 - 7mm thickness. I really value your opinions, and i would appreciate the feedback.
  13. There is clear shellac? Thanks for all the hints, and sorry for not replying earlier, i was pretty down because i thought i've bought 150€ worth of unusable wood. Quite a bit of information to process actually, i will try some of that on scraps the next days! Thanks a lot guys!
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