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  1. That looks pretty slick. I'll be very interested to see how this turns out. If it works out well and you decide to sell some I may very well be interested. -M
  2. Ok the new ones work. Those look unbelievable! Looks like you've certainly mastered the art of the recurve.
  3. Wow! I can't say I expected it to look all that good with so much black. It works great though. Looks like one of your best carves yet too.
  4. Looks beautiful. Always loved walnut. The binding is a nice touch too.
  5. That fingerboard's got some great color. Love the wood choices on this build.
  6. Absolutely love what you did with the headcap. The whole headstock looks great too for that matter. I usually find 8 in line headstocks to be a bit ridiculous, but for whatever reason this one just works. -Mike
  7. That's logical. This is all hypothetical at this point. Just looking for ideas.
  8. Pretty much just so you can use a commercially available nut instead of slotting it yourself
  9. If only... Like the router idea though. I'll probably give that a try
  10. I was wondering how you guys typically go about angling a guitar top like on an Les Paul or similar. I've heard from one person who uses hand planes but that seems inefficient and not very precise. Anyone have a better idea? Thanks.
  11. I just checked and the first one he made did have a perpendicular zero fret, but the later ones he did used a perpendicular 8th. This one: Anyways, i suppose that proves that its not totally unreasonable with a relatively small difference in scales. I'll just have to do some experimenting now.
  12. I was wondering why you never really see multiscale guitars with the nut as the perpendicular fret. Clearly you would be limited to a minor fan because the upper frets would be angled a little ridiculously with a 2 or 3 inch difference in scales, but is there another reason I'm overlooking? I know there was a strandberg that used a perpendicular nut, but that's the only time i've seen it done. Thanks.
  13. That makes more sense. I guess I was overcomplicating this. thanks for the help.
  14. Ok, now I'm confused. How would that factor into this all? By the way I'm looking at 64.8mm string spacing at bridge, 41.78mm spacing at nut, and 49.53mm nut width. Using prosthetas method, which makes sense to me, I get 61.04mm width at 12th. It this off?
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