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  1. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I haven't been on in awhile. I see the forum has a new look and I'm diggin' it! I kinda missed you guys, and to be honest, forgot about this forum for awhile. I may have another project going on, but I'm not sure yet. Seeya! -gk
  2. Have you ever heard of Pauliwona? Its like Ash, but a HELL of a lot lighter. -gk
  3. Everything is gone. I traded the parts for a complete guitar. -gk
  4. HECK YA! This thread has finaly resurfaced, but with no progress. -gk
  5. I heard from Kevin Warmoth in Melvyn Hiscock's book that birdseye maple is not good for maple. Cool build though!
  6. WOW! That is the greatest guitar I've seen in a while! The heel does actually look comfortable after I seen you play it. So what's next? -gk
  7. Walnut sounds good. Look at Paulimec's Scrapocaster. I drooled over that thing for days.! -gk
  8. That's why you need to finish it up quick, then you will care less when you drop it. ^^^^^^^ Good Point
  9. I decided to sell these, just kinda lost interest. The neck has no clearcoat. Inside control cavity: $25 for neck, $20 for body. More pics here: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=43527 Thanks for looking. -gk
  10. EVERYTHING IS PRICED TO MOVE!! Ibanez Trem: $10 Trem Claw: $1 Tailpiece: $3 Mounting rings, plastic and angled: $2, $1 for each Jackplate: $1 Chrome knobs: $2 Speed knob: $1 Strat knob, black: $1 Rear Covers: $1 each Single coil cover, tall, no holes: $1 Neck plate: $2 (includes gasket) Neck plate: $1 Standard Jack: $1 3-way switch: $2 (with black tip) Mini Toggle: $1 Trem Cover: $2 Truss Rod Cover: $1 Duncan Designed Stacked SC: $15 MIM Fat Strat set: $15 Saddles: $2 Pearloid pickguard: $10 Generic Tuners: $5 Grover Tuners: $10 Buyer Pays shipping, will POSSIBLY trad
  11. Did some more work today: The rosewood fretboard ruins it, but oh well. I'll be replacing the trem with a guitarpartsonline standard trem, and I'll be filling in the neck pup, and using an MIM Fender Strat humbucker. The body will be the same, and I'm considering a gpo preamp. I have absolutely no money right now, and my birthday isn't until October. Oh well. If anyone is interested in the blood splatter, send me a pm and I'll tell ya. -gk
  12. Good Job! I wish you luck in your adventures. Your design looks good.
  13. I always wanted one of those, and good luck on your build/mod.
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