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  1. I just wanted to say that at first I wasn't really sold on the idea of an amp stand. However, after seeing your threads on here, I really love them! You've managed to make functional furniture that looks great and is super well made! Great job all round Josh!
  2. They are way overpriced but Axesrus has gold polepieces: http://www.axesrus.com/axeScrews.htm The Allparts ones are badly plated, you can scrape the gold off with a light touch of your nail and a screwdriver destroys them I've never tried the axesrus ones, just thought I'd give you a heads up of a UK supplier for them. Their shipping is super fast too!
  3. I agree with Mark. Sanding colour coats isn't needed unless you get any debris or bugs etc in there. Everything melts in so orange peel should be removed after the clear coats have cured.
  4. Nitro over poly is fine. Just scuff the poly surface with 320 first for proper adhesion then wait 30 days for the nitro to cure before you wetsand and buff. Do a couple of light misting coats first before you do the full coats
  5. +1 - scale 'em down. +2 - yer gonna break the internet!
  6. I really dig that! Looks like a great fun guitar! The thick binding on the inside of the upper cutaway is a great detail too
  7. Looking awesome so far! Can't wait to see the guilding - I love stuff like that!
  8. I agree with the above about how PRS probably did that stain. However, white stains DO exist, I have some of this brand; http://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/produc...based-stain.htm I havn't actually tried to dye a guitar white with it as I simply don't think it'll work well. I have used it to make things like pink stains and just to lighten up the colourtone waterbased stains etc. Bleach is the way to go for what you want to achieve
  9. I really like that! Great way to capture an anniversary of building! I really love the vibe that the guitar has overall- Looking forward to seeing it finished! I dont see any resemblance to that other logo posted either
  10. That shellac really brought out the character of the neck! Its really great and rich- watching this build closely
  11. I've finished a few fingerboards in shellac over the frets like you have. After a couple of hours of playing it started to come of the frets naturally. Play the hell out of her and they'll be good to go!
  12. Awesome! I really dig that, great face lift. Oh and I commend you on the 1 pup. Esquire wiring?
  13. Clean, bare and ready to rock- Love it! I always think that the simple things are the hardest to perfect
  14. Here's what I do; DAY 1 - Shoot 4 or 5 coats of sanding sealer, leave overnight DAY 2 - Scuff sand the S&S with 320 then shoot another 4 or 5 coats of it DAY 3 - Scuff sand with 320 again which should leave you with a perfectly flat surface Shoot 6 or so coats of Clear Day 4 - Shoot another 6 or so coats of Clear LET IT CURE A WEEK Then sand/polish it out That process has always worked fine for me. You could probably squeeze more coats in there but I would strongly say that shooting all the S&S and clear in one go is a bad idea. It needs to gas off and if you think about it, only the few outer layers are going to be gassing off fully. Thats why I do it over a few days to let the layers gas off as I go along
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