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  1. I just wanted to say that at first I wasn't really sold on the idea of an amp stand. However, after seeing your threads on here, I really love them! You've managed to make functional furniture that looks great and is super well made! Great job all round Josh!
  2. They are way overpriced but Axesrus has gold polepieces: http://www.axesrus.com/axeScrews.htm The Allparts ones are badly plated, you can scrape the gold off with a light touch of your nail and a screwdriver destroys them I've never tried the axesrus ones, just thought I'd give you a heads up of a UK supplier for them. Their shipping is super fast too!
  3. I agree with Mark. Sanding colour coats isn't needed unless you get any debris or bugs etc in there. Everything melts in so orange peel should be removed after the clear coats have cured.
  4. Nitro over poly is fine. Just scuff the poly surface with 320 first for proper adhesion then wait 30 days for the nitro to cure before you wetsand and buff. Do a couple of light misting coats first before you do the full coats
  5. +1 - scale 'em down. +2 - yer gonna break the internet!
  6. I really dig that! Looks like a great fun guitar! The thick binding on the inside of the upper cutaway is a great detail too
  7. Looking awesome so far! Can't wait to see the guilding - I love stuff like that!
  8. I agree with the above about how PRS probably did that stain. However, white stains DO exist, I have some of this brand; http://www.wood-finishes-direct.com/produc...based-stain.htm I havn't actually tried to dye a guitar white with it as I simply don't think it'll work well. I have used it to make things like pink stains and just to lighten up the colourtone waterbased stains etc. Bleach is the way to go for what you want to achieve
  9. I really like that! Great way to capture an anniversary of building! I really love the vibe that the guitar has overall- Looking forward to seeing it finished! I dont see any resemblance to that other logo posted either
  10. That shellac really brought out the character of the neck! Its really great and rich- watching this build closely
  11. I've finished a few fingerboards in shellac over the frets like you have. After a couple of hours of playing it started to come of the frets naturally. Play the hell out of her and they'll be good to go!
  12. Awesome! I really dig that, great face lift. Oh and I commend you on the 1 pup. Esquire wiring?
  13. Clean, bare and ready to rock- Love it! I always think that the simple things are the hardest to perfect
  14. Here's what I do; DAY 1 - Shoot 4 or 5 coats of sanding sealer, leave overnight DAY 2 - Scuff sand the S&S with 320 then shoot another 4 or 5 coats of it DAY 3 - Scuff sand with 320 again which should leave you with a perfectly flat surface Shoot 6 or so coats of Clear Day 4 - Shoot another 6 or so coats of Clear LET IT CURE A WEEK Then sand/polish it out That process has always worked fine for me. You could probably squeeze more coats in there but I would strongly say that shooting all the S&S and clear in one go is a bad idea. It needs to gas off and if you think about it, only the few outer layers are going to be gassing off fully. Thats why I do it over a few days to let the layers gas off as I go along
  15. +1, you can spray the coats pretty quickly with the waterbased stuff. If you do happen to leave more than 48 hours between coating for some reason then scuff sanding with 320 is needed for adhesion and for future coats to melt in. And yeh, clean the gun out frequently- after each coat if possible otherwise it will cure in the gun. Spray the first few coats pretty light- like a dusting. I seem to find that the coats go on looking pretty dry then flow out a few minutes later looking wet so bear that in mind as its pretty easy to spray too much in a coat if you're trying to get it looking wet when spraying. And yeh like someone said- sand your sealer coats flat with 320 before moving onto the clear so you can get the body nice and flat
  16. Tv yellow isn't actually a dye... Generally its achieved by using a dark grainfiller then sprayed with thinned down opaque paint to get a translucent level of coverage. The more coats you spray, the less visable grain you get. For example- here is one I built with a very lightly coloured Korina body which had a dark brown grainfill and then opaque pigments added into clear laquer (took maybe 4 or 5 coats to get here) Its not TV yellow but the same approach can be used to achive the trans kind of finishes I think you're after.
  17. Injurys!! The worst Ive ever seen (by far) was actually on a drill press A guy I used to work with was just drilling a bunch of ply sheets like he did everyday, however this time he somehow managed to get the drill caught under his wedding ring. The force of the drill snapped his wrist, threw him round the back of the drill and finally ripped most of his finger off.. Ever since that day there is VERY strict no rings policy in my shop. Worst injury that happened to me was an ancient spindle molder shear the top bolt that holds the blade down come off, the thing wobbled on the axis then flew off the shaft, I got a gash on my leg (near my jewels) that needed 10 or so stitches- Im still not sure if a blade of just a bit of shrapnel actually hit me when the thing shat the bed on me. Never used one since - Evil machines even when they're working fine!
  18. Loads of little ones but here are some of the bigger ones; Cut a scarf joint and glued the headstock onto the back of the neck instead of the front making a super long headstock and super short neck I have also carved a set neck too far exposing the truss rod Bearings slipping off router cutters causing deep routes Routing the wrong side of a shaped guitar neck for the truss rod Gluing a fretboard on, almost finishing the neck when I realised I forgot to actually put the truss rod in Forgetting to drill the jack access hole in a finished body resulting in a complete refiniah Templates have slipped many a time Many a careless dent and a couple of drops Touch wood but the last 20 or so builds have been cockup free
  19. I really dig the idea One thing for sure, it's going to make mass or bulk building these a breeze- Just make a ton of the necks and when someone orders one, all you have to do is make the body! Great designs too, metal without being too out there Im really looking forward to seeing how these develop!
  20. Please replace the word 'little' with the word 'lot'. Truing up a piece with a properly tuned plane is a great feeling but it does take a while to get the hang of it. I've been known to throw one across the shop after completely f'ing up a piece. Cheers Buter ''Just a little more to remove on this side so 2 light passes.... ah SHHHH*T'' But yeh, not much beats cleaning up a rough piece of timber with a good old Stanley
  21. Another great month! Our Souls- I really like the vibe this has, the only niggle I have is the hidden covers for the jack etc seem to not fit that greatly Paulie MC - I LOVE the finish! The brush strokes on the top look great and really add texture, the back could do with more of a buff though Crow - The carving and finish is outstanding! Really great job, I'd like to see it with chrome covers though - just a preferance thing Restoration AD - Man thats a beautiful top! I love the skarf joint and the pinstriping, this would have gotten my vote Pinker Guitars - Great take on a student classic- I really like the maple scratchplate, great little guitar Avengers - I have a huge softspot for Icemen, I love the mirrored top and the back looks amazing with the contrast of wenge in that deep pocket, not a fan of the red binding though Hitone - Awesome!! Your logo looks really great on the clear body. I'd be really interested in hearing some clips of it Strandberg - I really love what you're doing, Ive shown your blog to a bunch of guys and everyone (even non guitarists) find it really interesting and innovative so I guess thanks for thinking outside the box Notyou - Im digging the overall vibe your builds have, some real cool features, the only thing I dont like is the bridge- Im not sure how well that will intonate Metalhead - Dude. Thats seriously one of the most drool worthy builds I think I've ever seen. Mad Kudos, I would be proud, eveything about it is breathtaking - you got my vote Accidental Chef - The build quality looks great and a nice use of woods, Im not that keen on the overall body shape though
  22. +1 to all the MDF stuff above Finish wise- I think that body you posted had a dark grainfiller applied with a trans red shot over it...I might be wrong but it looks like that to me judging from the pores being a bit darker than the rest of the body
  23. Rdub- Absolutely beautiful! I really love the earthy feel the woods have- they compliment each other really well AndyT- Cool project, I like the swirl but the hardwear niggles me a little, I know it was a project using parts you already had but it kinda feels like whatever was to hand was thrown on there. I do really like the look of the lipstick bucker tho! Jvilla- Im sorry this just isnt my cup of tea at all, Nice woods but the body shape seems off balance to me Simo - I used to hate Redwood, not any more! The finish is just spectacular, build quality looks top notch too, you would have been my number 1 but i don't play bass Jester - This got my vote this month, I really love the look of the woods, that neck is beautiful and I really dig thick tailpiece. I know the customer requested a load of sustain but man it looks really heavy! An awesome build though! PRStait - Big improvement in my mind, I love everything about it aside from the colour of the pickups which for me completely ruins what would otherwise be a spectacular guitar Hooglebug - Another great build! I really love what you are doing with the carving, the only turn off for me is that the bridge is so far down the body that it looks like balance would be an issue Maikkeli - I love it! Looks very fancy and kudos for being your first build! This was my third favourite Loads of great builds this month!
  24. Nice find!! I saw a giant clothes hanger thing in Ikea once that I considered using but it needed to be hung on something...I might pick one of those up when I find an aldi Is it really that quick and easy to dismantle??
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