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  1. Hello, I am inquiring about my Vox Phantom guitar you promised me last December. Please message or email me back regarding where we can go from here.

  2. very impressive. I've been taking pics of my guitars for years in the lawn and in the garden. Makes for great pics. I love the headstock....
  3. it's not about pride. It's about right and wrong. It is wrong to claim someone elses work is yours. If I were a writer it would have been plagerism. Yes, there are a lot of people who do what I do, and there is an entire world full of potential customers..............
  4. I've seen pictures of the guitar, but you can't see the dowels. I only know they are there because he told me....
  5. and it will. Him admitting that alone tells anyone who knows anything about guitars that he didn't build it. And yup....he can have all the credit. Real shoddy workmanship on his part.
  6. maybe many of you missed my initial point. This guy gave credit to all the parts manufacturers except me. He pointed out the pickups were gfs, the hardware wilkinson..etc. Then he said he built the guitar. Well I hand cut every fret slot, I hand radiused the fingerboard, I carved the neck, and I routed the body. Therefor in my eyes, and any other logical persons eyes, I built the guitar. He finished it, assembled it, and flat out ruined it by setting the neck with four 3/8 inch dowels. And yes, the neck route is still 5/8 deep.
  7. well I got my answer as to the mods he made to set the neck. No he did'nt add to the neck (other than a heel), so he also didn't route the neck pocket deeper. He drilled four 3/8 holes and inserted dowels. Thats his idea of a set neck . He can have 100% of the credit for that build.
  8. I also would care if he just said " I have a builder make the bodys and necks for me" and not name me. At least it's honest. Claiming you built something you didn't build is bogus...plain and simple.
  9. I'll answer as many questions as I can remember. Parts builds are fine. We all buy certain parts for builds. But this guy gives credit to gfs, wilkinson, etc. And no he did a nitro paint job. Not a very good job polishing it though. Pretty scratched up with fine sandpaper scratches. Yes Wez...I've seen your parts builds, and you give credit to the parts (bodys, necks etc). As have I when I haven't made a neck. And there is nothing wrong with buying bodys or necks. Just be honest and give credit to the builder. One thing I did notice in his picture of the guitar is it has a set neck. I mad
  10. so I log onto facebook and see a regular customer...who buys unfinished guitar kits from me adds me as a friend. I look at his pics...and there are 2 of the guitars I sold him unfinished... assembled and finished. He claims he "built " them. Gives gfs credit for the parts.... but no meantion that I actually "built" the guitars. He simply finished and assembled them. I made the necks, I made the bodys. Kinda irritates me A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all his "friends" saying...."great job building those". When I BUILT THEM! Not sure what to do here. I think I'll take the high road, call hi
  11. very nice. Scrapwood guiatrs are always my favorites. Great job!
  12. and she is finished. Sounds and plays great. Time to package her up...
  13. cool. I'm building myself a LPJR double cut. Mahogony and rosewood.........
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