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  1. anyone have an Ibanez IC210 diagram for the 3 coil pickup? Please help!
  2. Real nice job im doing one now just like this what is the stain color called and what brand
  3. I have to rewire a tennessean and cant seem to find a diagram on one ant help would be great
  4. Im getting ready to finish a home made paul and want to do the orange AFD finish and would like to know what brands and where to get them. Ive heard and had some bad results with the analin from stew mac any other choices you guys recommend?
  5. thats the one, i originally thought S1 pickups which have plexi tops and a bar polepiece so looked for those - forgot about the marauder Those are bridge pickups from a Gibson maurader checked mine today
  6. Look like 1 of the pickups that came in a Gibson maurader
  7. Hey all ive just about got this 1962 345 thing done and the treble pickup volume works backwords. it has never been replaced or the can around it unsoldered. any ideas?
  8. 1962 believe it or not it was being used as a sled. took the darn thing out today to get a really good look at it and found out it was bent so it only went in 1 position! My Bad now to find out where the black cloth covered wire that is connected to a bare goes. ugh
  9. Im trying to wire up a 345 and it seems the switc is a 2 way not a 3 way it is original all diagrams show this as a pickup selecter any ideas whats up with this?
  10. Ive had these for years and I think they are to early to be Shaws. They have ink stamped dates on the bottom of March and April of 1980. they are T tops. 1 zebra bobbin 1 black bobbons. any help would be great
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