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  1. Man... When Pat sims from sims custom shop, where I am currently working finishes a guitar, he takes a guitar un-grain filled and un-sealed, shoots 2 sealer coats of sealer and blocks them each out between coats. this totally fills the grain and gives a perfectly level surface to clear over. Then 3 coats of clear and water-sand and buffing... The right way to paint a guitar. No messing with grain fillers. Use a poly sealer blocked in between.... check out www.simscustomshop.com
  2. AN update. Got her polished out. Here she sits minus strings. I am having her Plekd next week in Nashville. Comments, Suggestions?
  3. Update : New Chrome Headstock Logo 2nd Sealer coat
  4. Same color of blue? I think its gonna need another coat
  5. Update Got the stains put on, and glued in the neck. Black Stain cut back Do you think this top is really going to pop once it's cleared? Im worried that the black is a touch un-even, and some of the figure isnt showing at every angle. Comments Suggestions?
  6. Got the inlays sanded flat, the body and top sanded to 220, made the dishouts. Now I have to shim the neck and then stain the top, and glue neck in, fret the neck, and finish the guitar.
  7. LOL i think you guys are correct. Hey my neck pocket is a little looser than planned, is there a way to shim on the side of the tenon to prevent like 3mm movement? If so, how and what is the best way to alleviate this issue.
  8. Hey guys heres an update. Got alot done this weekend. basically everythign that you see here was accomplished between friday.sunday night. I havent been able to build for the last 2 weeks, so I decided to make a weekend of it. Birds Inlaid
  9. Ya, I went through and deepened all the slots once i had the basic shape. I left like mayb 1/16 of pearl above the fingerboard. I need to re radius the board through the grits now.
  10. Right on man... Its like i get better after each one!!! each one looks better than the next.
  11. This is my fist inlay job. The first two birds have a small gap around the edges. My tolerances are getting tighter each inlay. When i mix rosewood dust in with the epoxy these gaps shouldnt be as noticeable right? any other tips/suggestions?
  12. I figured it would be tighter since it was scooted all the way forward when the template was locked down, and now it sits like 2/8 from where it was routed to because of the corners. Shouldnt it tighten up?
  13. Hey guys quick question I used my Mykas neck pocket variant, and have achieved a slightly tight neck pocket, but the tenon doesnt sit all the way where it supposed to because the neck tenon has square corners, but my neck pocket has rounded corners. Will the neck become tighter when its able to sit where it is supposed to? also how do you fix this problem? will it be easier to round the neck, or square up the pocket? please help.
  14. Do you rout your F hole before you put the carve on the top?
  15. I want to leave 1/4 inch of maple on my top for faux binding. So i think that I should use a rabetting bit and go around and stop before the horns, and then rout my topography lines starting back from that first cut. That leaves 1/4 inch of maple, and then the steps to carve down to that level.
  16. I am building a PRS style guitar, and want to achieve Faux binding. Whats the best way to do this? Use a rabetting bit and cut it in back to the point where you want your carve to go?
  17. I calculated that I would need a 3 degree neck pocket angle. I have also read that alot of guys put the pups on the same plane. Is this the proper way to layout for this cut? I also plan on using my mykas necj jig to rout the angle to the top of the body. I marked at the very back (bridge side) of the bridge pickup, on the side of the body, and then again at where the neck joins the body. I then measured down a 1/4 inch where the neck meets the body, and drew my line to the mark made behind the bridge pickup, marking the 1/4 inch drop from bridge to neck. Is this right, or should the angle continue to the very back of the horns? A shot of some Flamey goodness. Belly Carve Another belly carve shot Also its been awhile since I have built a guitar, and I am having a hard time remembering the process to achieve the PRS Faux Binding. Do you use a rabetting bit to take it out until the horns? Comments Suggestions.
  18. Ya it was a great find, I cant complain. THe neck is mahogany with a ebony board.
  19. Update: Decided to go with a ribbon sapele book matched body instead of the boat anchor ash. I also changed the color scheme to blue. Here are some updated pictures. Comments Suggestions please.
  20. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone uses dowels of wood, or metal pins etc to locate their top to the body, and the fingerboard to the neck? If so, can you post some pics of this. I used dowel setters on my top and body, and its hard for me to linet he center lines up because the points on the dowel setters are so tall. When I push down to mark the top it always goes off center. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?
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