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  1. Just wanted to share a link. http://www.3ds.com/products/draftsight/free-cad-software/ Seems to be much like Autocad.
  2. Thanks guys Thank you for the reply. Yep, I brushed the back of the cover too. One coat of lacquer. Thought it had been dry after a week from staining. Should I sand it back to wood before placing to dry? It's somewhere between maple and alder. I had to change that Full Shred to Duncan Custom to get warmer, more humbucker sound. So I would say it's pretty bright too. I started a year ago. Have done it mostly on weekends. This have been my "learning to use a chiesel and scrapers" project. It's much nicer to work without that router noise. I have heard many different opinions about birch as a tonewood, it's cheap and grows on trees here where I live, so I wanted to try it myself.
  3. My second guitar is almost done. This one is mostly made of birch, only neck is maple. Pickups are Duncan Custom at bridge and Vintage Rails at neck. Both have some mid boost too. I also transplanted Variax circuits into it. Control knobs aren't ready yet, but they will be made of birch. And I should somehow get that trem all golden. Frets: Dunlop 6000 Trem: Schaller Vintage tremolo with Variax piezo saddles More pics: (sorry about bad quality) http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/kapt/kitara/ I have a problem with neck pickup cover. I brushed 10 coats of nitro, in two weeks, and let it cure about four weeks. Now its bowed. pic: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b249/kap...ikkikotelo3.jpg Is there any way I could bend it back without damaging lacquer?
  4. Yes but it wasn't that loud before. And I thought that active humbuckers are more quiet than passive pickups.
  5. I mean hum gets louder near computer and other electric machines. Sorry my english.
  6. I have played this guitar for about one month. Few days ago it started hum after half hour of playing. My computer caused it. The hum is louder than what comes from my RGs passive pickups. Is there some bad soldering? Is it some specific wire?
  7. Hi. If I remember right measurements were: Maple 200x15x4cm, Alder 200x18x3cm and Ebony 54x7x0.8cm. Alder board wasn't thick enough so I had to glue both wings out of two pieces.
  8. Lets see... if I can get camera. But this is not good example of brush finish. I have not paint alot. I think that if you know what you are doing you can make it as good as any other finish. I had to do this in rush and I didn't sand or polish it. I hope I find place and can do it again.
  9. Thanks! Yes I did. Next time I will not. Baybe rattlecans.
  10. Thank you. Yes, sorry that picture. Sorry I might said that wrong. I haven't lost my respect for Bodom. I still think that Laiho is exellent guitarist and HCDR is good album but Follow The Reaper is my favorite. I just like those songs and guitar sounds. And that guitar hero thing... you know... it changes.
  11. He was kind of my guitar hero before Hate Crew Deathroll album
  12. Hi. I have been reading these great sites couple years and finally finished my first guitar. This is also pretty much my first woodwork project. Randy Rhoads style guitar Neck-thru-body Wings: Alder Bridge: Floyd Rose Original Pickup: EMG-81 Neck wood: 3pc laminated hard maple Scale: 25/5 Fretboard: Ebony, 24 frets Dunlop 6000 (jumbo)last five frets are scalloped Body starts at 21th fret Neck dimensions: Width at nut: 43mm Width at last fret: 57mm Thickness at 3th: 22mm Thickness at 12th: 22mm Radius: 15" Sorry, bad picture. http://photobucket.com/albums/b249/kapt/ It doesn't look very good. Paint job didn't go well. I will have to do it again later if I get place. You can see brush marks in some places and there is no clear laquer on it so I think those silver bevels will wear out. Binding... there is about 1mm gap. Tremolo is almost 1cm too close neck but can be set up corretly. (I made some really stupid mistake there. I measured it three times) but... I was really surprised when I played it first time. I thought that I would have like 1cm string action or way too thick neck but I can get string height lower than my Ibanez RG770. Neck profile is good. It fits just right into my hand. And it's now my main guitar.
  13. His old guitars were custom Rhoads but now he uses ESP Guitars have Original Floyd Rose with no recess Here is some information http://www.endlesswar.net/SOB/site.php?lang=en&go=alexi (Sorry if bad language)
  14. So what kind of bad results? I painted urethanaclyd paint over nitro laquer last week and so far its ok but will it crack later? Nitro over paint caused a lot of bubbles
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