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  1. When you use them, are they supposed to touch? If they are mounted touching I wont have to ground each one individually right? Should i stick a business card between them all when I mount them to keep a small gap between them? My first time multiscalling so Im a fraid some of this is pretty new to me and cant find much info about it,
  2. Ok I made a printout, Its totally the Green line. Thanks for the help Ripthorn
  3. So its the Green line then? Im super excited to start planning this out. I still have two others for customers but this ones for ME!
  4. Also, forgive the awful crooked lines, my pen died partway through and I had to grab another to do the bridge portion haha
  5. Hey all, Im planning my first multiscale build and im having a few issues on fretfind regarding the nut and bridge width fields. The info tab mentioned a line "perpencicular to the centerline" but It also says "along the nut" so im confused. I made a crude drawing to illistrate, basically do I use red, blue or green as the measurement that goes into the "width" field?
  6. Damn! im in the same exact boat! I bought the stewmac pearl and have a 12 inch board for it. Thanks for the tips guys.
  7. Thanks for the tip! Ill look around for some of that. I wasnt keep on the oil either but the tape sounds nice and clean!
  8. Hey everyone! I thought id share my new favorite tool. I originally made this out of aluminum, but I didnt feel it was sturdy enough. I went all out and used some angle iron, and i welded it together instead of bolting like The last version. I feel like it came out fairly well. The bolts on the corners allow for angles as well as vertical adj usability. Ill spend the next few days sanding it smooth and giving it a polish on the contacts points. A little oil and it will flow like butter on a hot pan! This was my first time welding, but I think its pretty serviceable! The tall gentleman in the pictures was kind enough to lend me his welder for the night. Thanks for checking it out, cant wait to break it in.
  9. Oh yes I know it sound totally ludicrous! I used just one thin spit coat of shellac then just a few coats of oil. The wood was pretty far from sealed after the shelac. Doing it allowed me to only apply two or three coats of oil and have a very smooth feel but still have the pores somewhat filled. Mostly it was just an experiment out of curiosity. Ive been playing the neck for a year and its held up just fine. I Dont think ill do it again though. I see now what you mean with the neck pickup route. Came out great, Carves coming along nice too!
  10. Teak oil and wax is my favorite! I once put a very thinned out coat of shellac on first, then teak oiled a few coats and i ended up with a "inbetween" kind of finish that feels great. Hows the build goin? Im curious to see how you hog out the neck pickup area.
  11. I guess I was over thinking it! Thanks for the help, seems so simple now haha
  12. SO close!! Great looking build, i really like the blacked out look.
  13. Im making a guitar soon thats neck through and has a nice walnut top to go on top. My question is, how do i fit the top wood around the fretboard area? An example would be this http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=45827&st=0 (great job by the way!) I was thinking of tracing the fretboard and maybe making a template for the router. If you would so kindly share your method or lend some tips id be a happy boy!
  14. I did this by hand with a round file and it came out pretty well, unfortunately you can see part of the trussrod under the nut. I think using a drill bt its the way to go to avoid that.
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