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  1. I've noticed a trend lately. New members to the forum posting their first time, with an entrie into GOTM without a build thread. Personally I can't vote for a guitar without a build thread. How does anyone on the forum know if your the builder or not? Without progress pics. Look at GOTM for December the first 2 entries are new members with 1 post. 1 with 3 posts and he entered last month with his first post. Weird if you ask me. Seems like it's not a give and take relationship for these people. Just a take take take. No build thread no entry if you ask me.
  2. Actually the IP is the same as "Bionic Dave"..so either it is another household member or Dave himself.As far as all of the hissy fits by various parties,I have no opinion,other than I think some in this generation of "young adults" may be just a bit spoiled and want it all their way...life isn't all like Burger King,now is it? Household user. I've been here for a year just an observer. But your a great detective Wes. A better detective then a builder thats for sure. Yeah for some reason you've had a hard on for Dave every sence he joined the forum Mex. Makes me question your sexua
  3. Welder would work perfect. The weld a handle on it the add the wood handle after.
  4. I think that was the point. He was insulted first with a stupied comment and returned the favor.
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