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  1. I'm in New Jersey/New york. That tutorial was very helpful and i'm actually starting to think i saw the pictures in a book. I"m going to check that book today. Thanks alot!!! Danny
  2. Hey everyone, So i got myself a 66 Teisco Tele Star...but its a body shape i can't seem to find online and well ts just the wood tuners and badge... no pickguard, electronics or bridge etc. So if anyone has those parts i am lookin for em! Regardless, i wanted to repaint the body as a pink sunburst. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find like a shocking bright pink translucent paint. Also i remember a tutorial about staining in which the person stained the wood with a dark stain first to bring out the grain and then sanded away most of the stain except where it brought out the
  3. Hey i know this post has been up here a while but if that ESP case is still available i'm definetly interested. Danny
  4. hey guys, thanks for the help, i ended up going to samash and guitar center and the guys that worked there were more than happy to let me trace the guitars on posterboard, as long as i didn't get pen on anything. :-) now it is time to combine the two designs and when i begin building i'll post it up on here :-) Danny
  5. So, i'm building a guitar that is a combinatino of a mocking bird with a flying v. I am looking for blue prints of both of them anbd i couldn't seem to find any on the net. I know guitar build has the flying V so i'm gonna check that out and see if i need to convert it or not but i can't seem to find one for a mockingbird. Do ya'll know where i could find one and/or if there are other ways of obtaining something like this (other guitar parts manufacturers)? I asked warmoth but they said they have it programed into a computer, any other suggestions folks? Also, i found on this website that
  6. Hey Everyone, So I'm doing an independent study next semester and i'm going to be building a guitar with my teacher. Basically, my summer assignment is to read up about guitar building, choosing different woods, pickups, body/neck styles, etc etc so that i may begin work on the guitar the minute the semester starts. I'm going to need to be able to back up the reasons for my choices. Can anyone recomend any books on the topic? Thanks! Danny
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