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I hold Bachelor degrees in Education and Music (majoring on classical guitar), and I am currently studying CAD/CAM Engineering Technology. I have worked both as a school teacher as well as a guitar service/repair man: I've lost count of the exact figure, but I've worked on well over a thousand instruments.

I've been studying instrument design, construction, and acoustics since even before I got my music degree, and I haven't limited myself to guitars. (That would be a little like growing corn (and nothing else) in your back yard for forty years and then calling yourself a master farmer.) I believe in the merits of scientific skepticism: too much of what we know about guitars is based in myth and hearsay, and too little is based on actual empirical research. Don't just take somebody's word: question it! Test it! Verify or dispute their claims based on documented, reproducible, provable EVIDENCE.

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