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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here knows the minimum spacing between front and rear posts that one of the T-o-M replacement bridges will fit? I'm contemplating fitting one to an Ibanez guitar I have that has the tail piece mounted really close to the bridge (about 38mm) and I know the recommended distance is larger than this but the kahlers have some amount of adjustment? I tried emailing Kahler directly and got no reply unfortunately.
  2. As far as I can remember you'll need to format the drive to HFS+ for use with protools. I think you also need to tell protools that its ok to record to it somehow, I'm not sure how you do this (trying to get my friend to explain this in the pub last night probably wasn't the best idea ).
  3. Well I'm certain that the first part is feasible, you could defenatly do what you wanted with the bass jack switching the low strings. Having that and each string giving a sepearate output though isn't going to be so easy, you'd probably have to go into having some op-amp buffers in there to do that. Though at least if you're running it down to a box you could have the power comming in on the cable. Yes I'd say all of that was possible it just depends on how complicated you want to make things. and surely an 8 string pickup with individual elements is an Octophonic pickup?
  4. Yup you've basicly found what you need to do: you can't work straight onto the system HD. Infact I'd advise getting a firewire harddrive as if you're trying to record more than a few channels at once you need the higher data transfer rate. Pro Tools is really nice and can get some cool sounds but in my experiance can be such a pain in the arse if it wants to be. You should be able to partition your external harddrive and have one partition for your windows OS and the other for Mac. Don't know how to do this on a Mac though I'm affraid.
  5. Hi all, I've recently been upgrading electronics wise to get a better sound. I'm using a whole load of stomp boxes going into a marshall stereo power amp (only the 20/20 but its loud enough for recording and band practice). Now I've hit a bit of a problem in that because I'm using so many stop boxes I need basicly something that will switch them all in at the same time. I know of the Boss Line Selector but the problem is that all my stomp boxes are going to be mounted in my rack case with my power amp, so either I'll have to go up to my amp to change sounds or open up the line selector and add an extra jack for remote swtiching (which is the current plan). Ok so now I'm finnaly getting to the point of my thread: is there something out there that will do what I want? it needs to be able to switch between two seperate loops of effects and needs to be able to have a remote footswitch option. I could build one, the electronics would be soooo easy but I don't have a single power tool or drill bit over about 4mm with me so building an enclosure would be impossible. Oh and to top it off its got to be cheap, at least cheaper than the Line selector! Rob.
  6. I have one in the neck of a les paul. The pickup itself does contain a decent P90 sound, and a good HB sound and a passable single coil tone. BUT yup you saw that comming I bet, you can't get all three at the same time. To get the best single coil sound you need the pickup close to the strings, so close that the P90 sounds really bad. The P90 needs it quite a distance away which completely ruins the single coil tone. So you have to compromise. Personally I think the magenets for the blade pickup might be too weak in comparision to the two whacking great magenets I'm guessing are stuck either side of the P90 bobbin. I have mine set up so I get a good P90 sound and still have a good HB tone. I'm not to fussed about the single coil but it sounds ok to me, not great, not as good as the P90, but ok.
  7. wow that looks awesome Matt. The body shape is just right. I can see what you're saying about the headstock, I think you could leave it as it is so long as it doesn't bother you. Personally I'd paint it black. A veneer would look good too, maybe mirroring the body with purpleheart/whatever the brown wood is/purpleheart.
  8. hmm that'd be interesting.....an anti-sustainer. I can see that being pretty useful in some situations actually, especially if you're trying to do something very fast and get a lot of defenition on it.
  9. even then I don't trust he's not photoshoped it. I think Matt should have to post me the gutiar to check its actually finnished
  10. sounds like a challenge to me! don't have time at the moment but I'll do it tomorrow!
  11. If you don't mind replacing your original selector with a mega-switch it should be quite easy to get the same swtiching as the original diagram with a standard push pull (haven't traced it out yet but it should be do-able).
  12. I was thinking that too, hell my cheepo Korg Ampworks' evelope filter sounds nearly as good (can't much go wrong with designing an envelope filter!). I was think hexaphonic too, possibly with some sort of canceling system so that the drivers either side of one driving a string help cancel out the EM field so it doesn't start trying to vibrate the strings next to the string its ment to be vibrating, would take some quite cleaver engineering as you'd then have to cancel this canceling field with the next driver along and so on. In the video it looked like there was a power supply going into the expression pedal, it may be that the power then runs up the cord to the guitar from that. *EDIT* having just looked at the specs on their site it is indeed powered from the foot pedal All in all I think that's a pretty impressive guitar, not sure I'd rush out and buy one as its not exactly something I can see myself using in any of the music I play but defenatly a very clever technical feat.
  13. get some pictures guy! can you really post that on a family based forum?
  14. you really should try wearing 7 pairs a week +1 to that probably should stop clogging up Matt's thread and take it to the OT forum I'll let a mod get angry first!
  15. I donno if I should be insulted or not.......no seriously what're you on about you gorgeous metal god!!! ( )
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