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  1. I recently found a body that I built 13 years ago with my grandpa. I thought i lost it in a move but an old buddy found it and traveled across the country to deliver it. Taking my time with this one. Specs 3piece mahogany body w/1/4" maple top Mahogany neck with compound radius (10-20")ebony fretboard Ghost tech Floyd Rose w/acoustic output(wiring nightmare) Dimarzio liquifire and crunchlab(split) 1 volume, 1 push/pull tone, 1 acoustic volume, 1 3-way and one toggle to isolate or blend acoustic signal. Having my 13 year old step daughter help me on this. I plan and she routes. I'm stuck on how to finish her. Thinking of going a 'les paul" style burst and control placement(drawn on body top)
  2. very very cool! Such an awesome choice of wood!
  3. I've used sanding sealer that I bought from a craft store. It's water based, so you can thin it out with water. I used a sponge brush and thinned it out a lot and applied a bunch of coats.
  4. Long overdue update. Pictures: Black stain to add the "pop" Red Stain 1st coat of clear
  5. I'm looking for someone to build me a neck. The neck: 25.5 scale length. 24 stainless steel jumbo frets on an ebony fretboard. Mahogany neck. nut width is for an R3 locking nut. Compound radius of 10-16 (10-17.5 is preferable). Headstock would be just a tilted paddle. The fretboard has a slight overhang of roughly 7.5mm; the 24th fret is flush with the heel. My other guitar has a stewmac neck on it, so I would like the back contours to match with that. My email is zeroiv@live.ca. Please send me your quote
  6. Body pic, the are some router bite marks to fix though....more to come!
  7. Finally an update! Neck is assembled! But not carved and radiused. http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx96/Untitled_Project/IMG_0111.jpg http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx96/Untitled_Project/IMG_0115.jpg http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx96/Untitled_Project/IMG_0119.jpg http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx96/Untitled_Project/IMG_0120.jpg The body is all glued up and after an incident with the first top I had to replace it with this one (imo; much nicer!) I'm waiting on a flush trim router bit in the mail(any day now)to cut out the body. I wish I had a bandsaw..... Since this is a compound radius fretboard, would anyone like to give me a few pointers on things to avoid, processes to adhere to etc....?
  8. Body is all glued up. Moved across the country, so I haven't done much lately. The top needs to be thickness sanded and then glued on. This should take place on the 20th....BUT! Everything is looking good so far!
  9. I can't remember what my amp was set at.... I actually just got my amp last thursday. It's the AC15, with it I bought the mxr full bore metal. The only pedal I would like to get is a volme pedal, and I'm still entertaining the idea of an eq.... But when thats all done I'm going to build a board for them.....
  10. check out the fine woods store on ebay.ca I've bought from them twice, and have been very happy with the resulting product.
  11. I want my description to be precise. I know it isn't much but, it's still not as exact as I would like it.....
  12. I recently bought some ebony to do my first fretboard, but now I can't find it. Instead of buying more wood, I was thinking about buying an already made fretboard. Would anybody be interested? Dimensions: Scale length: 25.5" nut width: 1 11/16" Width at 22nd fret (it follows this taper, like a fender neck; I'm not sure what the width at the 24th fret would be); 2 3/16 Fret radius: this is where I need to explain more specifically.... My guitar will have the graph tech licensed Floyd Rose with a bridge radius of 20" The nut will be an original floyd rose R4 nut with a nut radius of 10" I need the fretboard to follow this gradual gain in radius from nut to bridge. I've been told that I need to get a conical radius rather than compound (I've been also told that you guys list your radius option as compound when really it is conical. I need the string action to be as tight as possible so this is why the fretboard has to follow this specifically. I'm not very good at math but from my understanding (not sure at all though), I'm going to need the radius at the 24th fret to be 17.5. Although this calculation may be wrong. If anybody is up to it, email me at zeroiv@live.ca and tell me how much you'll want There will be no fret markers, but will be side dots that are white. Thank you
  13. Okay, so now my set-up is as follows (so far): Vox Wah (I found the crybaby to be too whiny....duh, with a name like crybaby:P) Boss DD-7 Electroharmonix Holy Grail Electroharmonix Small Stone Boss CS-3 Boss Chromatic tuner too! I may get an eq, but first I'll need an amp. The peavey was never ment to be.
  14. This has been a big help with my future pedal choices. I liked the morello vid Thank you guys!
  15. Okay.... Your explanation took me for a ride then when we stopped by the side of the road to tinkle, it drove off without me.....leaving me lost..... So how do I go about making a conical radius of those 2 points?
  16. aha! see your answer comes in the form of a correction! Bleaching the wood....thats's cool!
  17. I'll be looking to do a conical radius. I imagine that is what the people at floyd rose were thinking when designing their nut at a 10" radius. And my floyd has a radius of 20". I want the action to be tight and even. Can anybody verify Bennett's calculations? It seems right to me.
  18. Maybe just a really thin coat of primer. the figure should still soak in white more than the "normal" parts of the wood....light sanding, seal it, then apply the blue? I'm sure someone with more experience will correct me and tell you how it's really done
  19. I live in Canada, and that guy only ships to US.....
  20. After 3 years of being gone and forgotten....... IT'S ALIIIIIIVVVEEEE! Got a quick question about bridges and compund/conical fretboards. My nut will be a 10" radius and the bridge is at a 20" radius. The neck will be 24 frets at 25.5 inches scale length. What will the fretboard have to be radiused at? (10"-0 fret to ? at 24th fret)
  21. The knobs I want for my build come only in solid shaft, and I cant find a push/pull pot with solid shafts. Could I mod the splits shafts some way?
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