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  1. Received the gibson sized pre sloted Graph Tech white Tusq XL today in the mail. I also made a card board mock up of the body shape to see how it fit on my body. Felt pretty good. Heres The Nut: Cardboard mock up: Card board mock up with fretboard an nut layed on top:
  2. Thank you for the compliments. That transition is a bit odd I agree, maybe I will shape it a bit differently. As for the guitar stand issue, I may just hang it on one of my wall hangers. It is nice that this class is offered, I would have never had the opportunity to make my own instrument otherwise. Today I scored the guide lines for the fanned fret slots into my fretboard and filled them with chalk. I will cut the fret slots in class next thursday most likely.
  3. Update: Got the wood for the guitar today in class, also notched both sides of the fingerboard for slotting the fanned fret slots. Heres the wood, Neck through black limba, Black limba body, ebony fretboard, ebony headstock overlay. | Sorry about the bad quality it was taken with a crappy camera phone in low light. Also I had to get Hipshot locking tuners as the sperzels were back ordered. JS Moore pickups is winding me a custom set of humbuckers to my specs. I am in talks with Aldridge Empire to make me a set of flat aluminum humbucker rings and 6 single string bridges with tune o
  4. Thanks for the comment. I have heard about his licensing charge for the use of his neck profile. What I was planning on doing is when I am closer to completion of the build I will make a test peice of wood with different neck profiles on it. Then I coyld decide if I like the profile and purchase the license if I decide to go that way with the real neck. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I like what you've got started with your EGS-inspired build. Just an FYI, unless you have one of the remaining, unused "self-build not-for-profit" permissions, Rick now requires everybody to pay the $55 licensing fee and mark the serial number & patent number on the neck.


  6. Ordered up some Sperzel Open Back Trim-Lock tuners from TK Instruments today. I chose these because they are sapposedly the lightest weight traditional locking tuners on the market. I almost chose Hipshot as they had a 18-1 ratio as apposed to the sperzels 12-1 but the hipshots were just a bit heavier. I thought it would be good to cut weight at the headstock to reduce chances of neck dive. TK Instruments Now I am researching different options for fanned fret bridges. I found the ABM Single string bridge and it says that it has a string spacing of 10mm. My preffered string spacing is tune
  7. If I was to add more wood behind the bridge it would probably look something more like this(Only smoothed out). although it would move further away from the original EGS guitar design it might be a good idea to do add some wood behind the bridge to improve the balance since the guitar is meant to be headless. Thanks for the idea, I may end up dong something like that.
  8. Nice to know Mr. Strandberg is on this forum, I didn't realise that as I am pretty new on here. Ill be spending alot of time checking out his posts. To be honest I would have just ordered a guitar from Mr. Strandberg himself as I am sure he could do a much better job than me of building his own design(and guitars in general). But he has about a two year waiting list from what I understand, plus the pricing is a bit out of my budget. I would have loved to use his hardware but from what I read he has put a hold on sales of his hardware to provide enough hardware for his own builds. Also the
  9. Hello Everyone, I am taking a class at my local community college in guitar building. I have many back issues so I have always wanted to own an ergonomic guitar to allow me to practice for longer periods of time but have never had the money. So once I saw this class in the catalog I jumped at the chance to make my own guitar. The class meets every thursday for 4 hours so it will take me quite a while to finish this build. If I had a shop at my home or access to one I may have been able to finish this guitar in one term. But since I dont It will probably take a couple. So updates will be ver
  10. Ive found that the sound certain humbuckers make when split is usefull. Ive tried playing guitars that have mini switches and push pull pots to split humbuckers and it has always seemed cumbersome, to me at least. I read about arcade style killswitches that are the right size and would be easy to push real quick while your playing to split a humbucker while not being in the way. Only problem is that the arcade style switches that ive found are only momentary switches and I dont even know if wiring them to split a humbucker is possible. I would like to find an arcade style button switch tha
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