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  1. But so strange like Marty Friedman... LOL
  2. Tks Pro! The client give me this for reference: http://www.guitarscollector.com/1987---esp-mx-220--eet-fuk-.html It says ".... without the pickguard like Gibson, but with almost the same shape...." and them "..... These guitars were originally known as the EX, but later became known as MX-220II. ..."
  3. In fact, it is a replica but with my considerations to the original project. The headstock outline looks like a lot but is different, a little bit smaller than the original giant one. It has 24 frets the original does not. The neck heel too. Due to the used mahogany cut I had to make an amendment to the base to make the whole set higher in line with the height of the bridge and achieve satisfactory setup. The outlines in this part was changed too. I hate the way that it was originaly concepted, there's no ergonomy on that. Every guitar that I made this part have a special care to l
  4. Aging with some yellow/tobaco stain the body (the varnish will receive the same). The stickers are fake in fact. They are drawed directly on the body, but have a mask work to looks like the original stickers. Some varnish next, and the rest of relic work,
  5. Painting! Next steps are the stickers and relic.
  6. Tks Scott!! Some times I get impressed myself with results. I like a lot!
  7. New projetc based on James Hetfield EET FUK explorer. Basicly the same specs from original, nothing special on that.
  8. Closing the topic with last two ones finished. I decide not wound my self the pickups, instead, they was custom made for this las two guitars. Hope you enjoy!
  9. reopening the topic cause this two ones that I left behind started to receive their finishes, blue and dark purple. hope you enjoy!
  10. Hy Jay! Thanks! My logo it's just a sticker ... quite simple!
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