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  1. The bass had the truss rod access was routed and pre-sanded. Fretboard are sloted, inlays applied and glued on the neck. Machine heads holes are open. Attachment screws holes and bushes open and installed. Custom pickup cover was laser cutted and wait for the pickups to final assembly. It's stagered cut because I don't know the final heigth of bobbin pickup only width and length are know it depend of custom resistence ordered ( 12 and 14k).
  2. The guitar is almost fineshed, frets are instaled, eletronics are fitted on cavity and so on.
  3. Exactly! or something like that!
  4. The first ideas was red or blue, but the last seven strings that I made was red and blue ones. Two of them was a red variation, solid or dark burst red like you suggest. I'm thinking about that modern burst. Instead a contour burst that fades from edges to center, the oposite. Dark part begins on center and fade to edges. In this case red or blue. Or side to side. Starting from the "butt" darker fading to cutways. In this case almost like a sunburst, balck red and yelow finishing before the end of the body, lefting a part of original maple color. I don't know too if make bevels
  5. I'm in a huge doubt to define what finsh do on this guitar. Any suggestion?
  6. The hedless guitar had Ceddar body with flamed Maple top, Pau Marfim neck and fingerboard (26,5'' to 25''), Nova Guitar Parts bridge, EMG P81 an SAV pickups, Jescar vintage stainless frets. Nothing to much different form other two
  7. So I started two new projects. A 6 string bass and another headless The bass had Ceddar body, Pau Marfim neck and fingerboard ( 37'' to 32'' fanned), Gotoh tunners, Nova Guitar parts headless bridge (yeah both tuning systems) and custom wound jazz bass pickups by Customy Pickups. Jescar nickel frtes and "square" inlays ( like fenders 70's JB). The main idea is make a modern 6 string jazz bass, the old concept with a new visual.
  8. Here it stars the year with two headless guitars! First of all, I'm sorry about a lot of pics and for not post them at same time that it was taken/build. Both guitars uses the same brazilian woods species, Marupá (Simarouba amara Aubl) for the body, Pau-Marfim (Balfourodendron riedelianum) for the neck and fretboard. The hardware is from a braziliand manufactor, bridge is Nova Guitar Parts, an pickups are Malagoli. The withe/green have a pushpull to split bridge pickup and a killswitch. The black one have two minitoogles on-on-on. In the middle position is the humbucker, sides c
  9. But so strange like Marty Friedman... LOL
  10. Tks Pro! The client give me this for reference: http://www.guitarscollector.com/1987---esp-mx-220--eet-fuk-.html It says ".... without the pickguard like Gibson, but with almost the same shape...." and them "..... These guitars were originally known as the EX, but later became known as MX-220II. ..."
  11. In fact, it is a replica but with my considerations to the original project. The headstock outline looks like a lot but is different, a little bit smaller than the original giant one. It has 24 frets the original does not. The neck heel too. Due to the used mahogany cut I had to make an amendment to the base to make the whole set higher in line with the height of the bridge and achieve satisfactory setup. The outlines in this part was changed too. I hate the way that it was originaly concepted, there's no ergonomy on that. Every guitar that I made this part have a special care to l
  12. Aging with some yellow/tobaco stain the body (the varnish will receive the same). The stickers are fake in fact. They are drawed directly on the body, but have a mask work to looks like the original stickers. Some varnish next, and the rest of relic work,
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