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  1. tks guys! In fact the burst on the black one was customer's choice. He wanna see the wood grain, but in a moderate way. It came at shop and I will do it progressively till he said: thats it stop it!
  2. The V-burst one (and yes I lovo photography lol)
  3. And both 7strings are finished! Hoppe you enjoy!
  4. More two projects in progress. Two seven strings fanned fret (25,5 to 27'') almost twins, it have a little difference on the body outline. Basicly local species. Ceddrar for bodies, Freijó for tops, Pau-marfim for necks and rosewood for fingerboards. DHP 27 inox frets, Tesla AH71 pickups, Nova hardtail alluminum bridge. PU mate finish with black vertical burst. Sorry about a lot of pics!
  5. And it's done! Love the final result. Both tuning systems works very well.
  6. it means a change of owner's life, that's the reason for white and green
  7. Tks! Foliage you refering to the white/green headless?
  8. Thanks!!!! You refering to the finish on headless neck back? There's no green on it. Think that was a ligth effect on trapezoid neck shape.
  9. The updates for headless guitar. In fact it's finshed! hope you like.
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