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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I am stocking up, I dont know what to build yet. I so far have a beautiful 2 piece Mahogany 18"x24"x 1 3/4" Hmmmm. decisions, descions... I am so far thinking Tele body, Nashville pu config w/ strat neck pocket with a satin clear nitro finish. I have a carvin bolt on neck waiting for a body. Would eventually like to do a Strat '57 v neck for it. possibly in mahogany/ebony.
  2. Hey guys, I looked but couldnt find. I need some starting dimensions for my lumber,this is what I'm looking for- Les Paul Neck Les Paul Body Strat/Tele body Strat/Tele neck I have a carpenter wanting to barter for a gang box I have, and I told him I want some Blanks in return. Your help is always appreciated.
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