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  1. Hi! Here is my third build ever from France: 2tlb #03 It's a tele style guitar with a set neck, rear routing, and 2 humbuckers. Specs: Body: * Alder body, Flame Maple 5mm thick top. Neck: 5 pieces neck: Flame maple, pear, maple, pear, Flame maple. * Macassar ebony fretboard, jumbo frets, pearl dot inlays. * Flame maple headstock overlay. * Jumbo frets, graphtech nut. Kluson vintage tuners. Pickups: * Gibson Burstbuckers. * Gotoh humbucking tele bridge. * CTS and CRL electronics. Electrosocket jack plate. * Strap locks à la Anderson two nickel and a gol
  2. Here's what I almost finished yesterday: Alder body, maple top, maple neck, macassar ebony fingerboard, Gotoh bridge, Gibson burstbucker pickups (bought here), macassar ebony stripe on the body. The lacquer has some metal flakes in. What do you think? Fred
  3. WOMD Gets my vote! Great inspiration and realisation there! All the other axes were great though. Congrats! Fred
  4. Hi! Here are my comments: Bigd: sweet tele, but you didn't get my vote because you didn't build the neck. Btw, I like string thru on tellies. I would have put a pickguard on it too. Jehle: I don't like the design but there's something of a music man that I enjoy. I like the idea of the junkbox guitar. Nice initiative! Doug: I don't like the shape, The wood is amazing but the color didn't do it. What I really like is the fretboard! Awesome inlays and ebony! You get my vote for the neck!!! Jazzclub: Awesome shape! That's too bad the neck is aftermarket. I don't like t
  5. Hi I will be organising a command shipped to France soon. If anyone is interested. Feel free to contact me on this forum: This Forum Regards. Fred
  6. Looks fine to me too. Might be the perspective. But any way it was only put on the guitar for display, not screwed yet Fred
  7. Thanks for your advices! Keep on posting! Fred
  8. How many stripes would you like to see between the pickups? Fred
  9. Thanks a lot! The neck is chunky but the heel is smooth! Neck pickup is not that muddy even though it is 1 cm away from the strings. The relicing is due to flaws in the finish, but I like it it's classy for a junior type. Neck is not scalloped at all. I can't enter it to gotm for september I've already entered an Sg like. Maybe next month if I can't achieve the new one in time. Fred
  10. Just like the SG they're cheapos from ebay. 35$ a set! Just ordered some burstbuckers for the next one! Fred
  11. Voilà! All mahogany. Rosewood board. Neck pickup hidden (humbucker) Original grover tuners, rosewood veneer on the headstock and tenon. Home made relicing. 2 vols one sweet switch. Fred
  12. I could adapt my 45 ° bit on a router table. But there is no need for it since it is a cavity plate I've already done it btw. Fred
  13. I don't believe in jigsaws for pickguards. I'd better buy a router table. Because my router is not that stable for small pieces. Fred
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