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  1. i mark them with a pencil, then line up my 90 degree jig, clamp it with a mini c clamp and use a hand drill.
  2. I say why route anything? or even cut anything? His "first build" which looks like a just an assembly not actually a build and he's allready buggered it up a bit. I think at this stage getting out the power tools might lose some limbs. hahaha' Considering the body is allready finished & buffed Id remove the fret at the 23 fret and cut there, saving the piece you cut off to trace as a template. Draw a center line on the back of the neck before you cut, then sand that puppy to fit the pocket. Also Id take like a 3/32 drill bit and drill the 23rd fret slot in the center of the neck to s
  3. Id try tightening the rod to open the crack, apply some CA glue then loosen the rod to close the crack. like some one said above sounds like a lack of wood behind the rod. it could be doomed no matter what you do.
  4. a bad crowning job on those frets could have a minor effect. but I mean it would have to be REALLY bad.
  5. I'd just use a dremel with a base and a 2 flute bit. You can double side tape anything straight to use as a guide. mask of all of the area you are cutting. shouldn't have any issues.
  6. I make ear gauges and eyelets out of my scraps. I give them to friends or sell them to piercing shops. Sold a few on ebay.
  7. Definitely sounds like some sort of contaminant. Or you possibly are spraying to heavy and it is gassing off.
  8. I think this can be easily achieved by mixing colortone vintage amber with a few drops of cherry red, and I mean just barely enough to give it a SMALL red tint in with a 90/10 nitro. spray that, mix up a bit of blue and red until you get the purple you want and burst that on. working very so gently from the out side in. Of course have a good base of about 10 cotes before.....those cheap guns from harbor freight are perfect. best thing is once they crap out you can just toss them and go buy another without feeling bad. Test it on some scrap first, I think you will find its a lot easier than you
  9. I use a go bar deck and a call to glue on my backs and tops. You can make go bars out of old tent poles or just buy some fiberglass rods. very easy to use and adds a bit of fun over standard clamps.. hahaha I am with verhoevenc on the braces. That is A LOT of brace material there and might shut down the top a bit. I would have scalloped the bajeezus out of those! and your bridge plate is a whopper! Looking niiiiice though.
  10. She is gorgeous! I too use a shinto rasp on all my necks. great tool...
  11. I'd be worried about the ferrules shutting down the top.
  12. Very nice, are you gonna do this on a steam pipe or a fox bender?
  13. Its sounds great so far. The cedar top gives it a really nice warm sound. I'll give her a few months before she really opens up and I can form an open on her sound.
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