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  1. So seasons greetings guys. Well, I've been a bit quite for a while. Real life always intervenes, but contrary to expectations, the last two acoustics I was working on got finished and have been farmed out to mates to test drive. For some reason I lost the appetite to continue taking pics along the way. Something that I guess I'm now regretting a bit because more than anything else they help me remember lessons learned. Here are a couple of pics of the latest 6 string I'm building. No wonky frets this time, this ones going to be fairly regular, though I am playing around with differ
  2. looking great. Sympathies with the levelling, I almost checked out sanding sides on my radius dishes. Totally worth it to be assured of a dimple free surface though.
  3. I love the way the multiscale and the body shape play together. Very cool.
  4. Pulling up a chair for this one if I may Matt. This kind of build is on the to list Matt
  5. take this with a pinch of salt but when I've done this I've put a hole in some thick MDF with a forstner bit the width of the dish wanted. Then drilled a small pilot hole in the body and centered the MDF template over the pilot hole using the forster bit. Once routed drill. I've got a top bearing cove bit though and buyer beware - there are probably far better ways to go about this.
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