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  1. Lutes from the 15th century had scalloped boards, dont think that swedish guy was born then.
  2. Getting $4500 for 2 weeks work is not bad and for 17 years too, bring it on!!
  3. The wiring for a 5 way is usually easier compared to 3 way. On a strat 3 and 5 way wiring is identical in everyway, just replace the switch. http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schem...vol_2tones.html
  4. I have tried both the orange and the vox. The orange has a very british clean sound not super clean fender like tones but still ok, the vox is beautiful though. Best mix of clean and distortion and very loud if you need it to be. China is a better country to get things made in than britian i have to say, we suck at manufactering. I have had no problems at all with the Vox (i work in a guitar shop btw).
  5. Hold back on doing the inlay until you have more done to the rest of it. Maybe you can find some more $ and get some mop. Even some maple which is harder than poplar would be ok for the inlay stem. you could buy this http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bindings,_trim...d_Bindings.html and use it as inlay material.
  6. This place is pretty good http://www.ebay.com
  7. The poplar will get really dirty from the ebony dust when you come to radius the fingerboard, might be a better idea to radius without the poplar the put in in later and scrape, plane it flush.
  8. I have a bad horsie 2 and i love it! When its off it has no tone sucking effect whatsoever. Its not the best wah for playing shaft but for that smooth soloing sounds its the best. The crybaby sounds like a crybaby but with more options, i dont really like the treadle on crybaby's myself and the pots wear out too.
  9. Some one should really string up an SG and see if the neck stays on it. I bet anything it would break.
  10. I can imagine put that onto something like a SG would either break the headstock or pull the neck off something that had a such a short tennon.
  11. I regularly play with 11,14,18,36,52,70 tuned to normal tuning, i have my US tele set up for them. I wouldnt try it with something with a glued-in mohog neck but it is possible. You can get guitar strings up to 80 gauge by daddario. It plays and sounds awesome btw.
  12. I have several maple necks that have no finish, either because i have worn it off or i didn't apply it and nothing has ever warped. For a quick finish i would use tung oil. It needs little to apply and is fairly hard wearing, it can also feel beautiful!
  13. Heatsinks are supposed to get hot, thats their point. If its worked up until now then it will work forever. It wouldn't be difficult to hook up a 80m case fan, anything between 6-12v is fine to power those things.
  14. Its good to see some real spirit around PG again! Matt i think guitar awesome! Unfortunately i didn't vote for because we i did go to vote for it, the page said i had allready voted! Which i hadn't. Any mods here fix this or at least tell what has been put against my name? Best prize must go to matt for his strat tutorial, fantastic work. 2xGOTM loser is not a bad title to have with all the competion around here.
  15. Its just like the PRS wraparound, put it on straight. Make sure in the right thou!
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