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  1. Hey, I notice you have a WM425 workmate in some of those pics... How do you like it? Worth having over the smaller model? Any interesting ways to use it that you've come up with? I'm looking at getting one for such projects, hence the questions. Nice looking work you've done here.
  2. Hi everyone, first post! I've been reading for a while, and wanted to finally register and say that I think that's a great idea. As a beginner, I've learned so much from reading through build threads - I actually feel like I've picked up more seeing various guitars built than from reading the couple books I purchased. If there's anything more useful to preparing to do it yourself than seeing someone else do it, it's seeing a number of people do it, as seeing the different ways people solve the same problems gives (at least to me) more insight to enable me to come up with my own soluti
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