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  1. Co'mon +1 Sorry I offended everyone so much. MODS please close this stupid thread.
  2. A £500 saw will be huge, probably. A 'small' bandsaw will sit on a workbench and have a capacity of at least 8" wide and 3" thick, and will cost maybe £100, but I'm not sure exactly how much british pounds are or what the market is like over there.
  3. Thanks for all the replys. The car I'm interested in is a 2006 Toyota Yaris, that will be used for short trips in town (work, hardware stores, etc) 99% of the time. I'm may try out the stick, but it may just be best to go with an auto.
  4. I guess I'll start off with the first build progress, Violin #2. Will be constructed from European Maple & Spruce. I start off with the Cedar blocks. They are cut 1mm longer than needed, and lightly glued to the mold: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin2/v001.jpg After the glue has dried I use a sanding board to completely level everything off, and add a 2mm taper toward the neck, for a finished thickness of 32mm and 30mm, respectively. Once that is done I shape the blocks to accept the ribs: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin2/v002.jpg After selecting bookmatched rib material I trim it all to a rough height of 33mm, then cut the individual ribs to rough lenght: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin2/v003.jpg The ribs are then steam bent on an aluminum bending iron, beginning with the waist area. Once they are bent I glue then in: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin2/v004.jpg After the waist ribs are dry I do the same with upper and lower bouts: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin2/v005.jpg After a preliminary trimming of the excess rib height, I glue in Cedar linings, which are also steam bent, on the front and back: http://files.photojerk.com/mmaatt/violin2/v007.jpg
  5. Here is a classic Gibson with 'mustache' bridge: https://store.bluebookinc.com/Images/PhotoG...onAcoustic1.jpg
  6. Hills are ok, just don't stop on them. The car is practically in neutral when out of gear, right?
  7. This is what a reviewer on Canadian Driver said about the car I'm looking at...another reason I may want a manual.
  8. Maybe .50 cents per. hour for every guitar you have completed. That may be a bit high depending on how many of a particular style you have completed. If you have built 50 Strats, you would be hard pressed to ask $25 per. hr. for an acoustic. If you have completed 4 guitars you may be worth $2 per. hr.,but then again if you can't at least build a guitar that is as clean as a $200 budget guitar(you probably shouldn't charge for your time). Peace,Rich Do people selling custom made guitars really look at hours put into it? To me the price of guitars is too regulated, with all the factory guitars and such. When I was selling mine I looked at what my instruments compared to on the market. Guitar making, or any instrument making, is too much of an art to make the money you think you truely deserve.
  9. Looking into a buying new car this summer. Manuals seem to be about $1000 cheaper for the car I like. So I was wondering how difficult it is to go from 3 1/2 years driving an automatic to a manual. I learned on a auto, but my dad drives a manual and could probably teach me.
  10. I know! A friend owned one of those up until last week when he flipped it five times and landed upside down in a ditch...walked away without a scratch! Anyways, where is the actual thread to start posting in?
  11. If you want to see another violin being made I may be in. I'm already working on it, but I'm only taking one photo per day I work on it, so it isn't a terribly detailed account.
  12. I really like my foreplane - not too big, not too small. Has a good weight to it, too. I bought a second blade for mine that I ground teeth into so I can use it on heavily figured wood without chipping.
  13. Is there a humidity difference? Newfoundland seems like it would be a generally humib place like here in BC, bacause of the ocean. Cuba is surrounded by ocean itself, right? See if you can find some kind of weather related website that gives relative humidty for different areas (Weather Network, or CNN, maybe?). I'd also be cautious about bringing something that valuable along on vacation.
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