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  1. i love my cort,its a flat silver finish,floyde rose copy, yes it was cheap,but it played a helluva lot better than some £300 ibanez's i tryed that day,i was happy to buy it and its a great guitar
  2. hmm,i wonder... yes... maybe,if you have time and patience,and bare in mind this in an idea,you could use chrome,or something shiney? if it hits the light it will reflect and appear white...and when there is no light hitting it...it looks dark and black...you could have both? or you could go with white lol
  3. omg...is it fender? nah..i'd say your stuff would fit in a new prs line thats fkn killer man!!! how rich would you be if bc rich bought that off you?there will only be like 20 people who will know it was you who made it if it ever does get produced
  4. lol.ok the colours may not be to every1's taste.but imagine it was...alpine white with pearl binding...or what i mean is comment on his build skills lol but i cant...its so funky nice build man,and great job on the matching inlays,although i think block inlays would hgave suited
  5. oooft! those are amazing cant wait for pics
  6. jesus!...moses and god!!! that is amazing!!! that needs some chrome hardware and a pickguard and a black gloss finish lawl what will the finish and hardware be on this thing? its a monster!
  7. can you not tell them they sent you the wrong one? i'm sure they will be happy to exchange
  8. yeah a little deeper,the middle needs to come down more. i love that bass m,an! that choice of neck woods is amazing!
  9. or a really small screwdriver and another big screwdriver you use the really small screwdriver as the ''chissel'' and the big handle of the other ''as the hammer'' yeah i'm gonna get flamed...but i done that in under 5 minutes,watching tjhe simpsons and getting perfect results,no chipps at all.well...a little bit at the 7'th or 6th fret on top. then next day filled with maple dust and super glue. flat and plays perfect. i'm not telling you to do that,thats just my way.
  10. wow! being broke was the best hing u ever done,good job you never went headless! that is amazing! that headstock joint is killer! ...why am i shouting!!!!1!!11 lol.thats real good
  11. yeah it was on tv. what a job to have lol
  12. thanks man i'll take you up on that offer when i find my templates lol stupid floppy disks and there habit to ''walk around'' lol
  13. thats the sex! that reminds me of the german machines....basslab www.basslab.de thats a nice looking bass...wait a min...is that.....a bubble :O just kiddin,boy wuld i have loved to see that face is the neck going to be the ame colour?and heres a crazi idea,that colour would look amazing on the fretboard aswell...or am i just crazy
  14. unlucky about losing that amazing paint job lets hope the blue will do just as good
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