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  1. haha, bloody hell, i never noticed i put bridge, yeah, been a long day Ill check the reference The one i have now is broken to the extent that it does not hold the low E properly
  2. Well i dont like taking information just clean off the net, never too reliable, its just i know project guitar is a reliable place, and couldnt find it in any tutorials Yeah i know ill have to file down a little bit, but not much (general SG problem apparently)
  3. Ive got an Epiphone SG thats needing its nut replaced, ive got a place im going to get one from, but im a bass player at heart, the guitar is just for simpler rythmn backing on home recordings, so i dont really want to go and pay someone £20+ to replace a nut, when im pretty sure its quite simple I think all i need to do is gently hammer it out (sideways, and obviously sans-strings), then stick the new one in, is this right, will the new bridge need to be glued in or should the strings hold it down ? cheers guys
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