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    If I was an ant in an ant colony the other ants would have killed me a long time ago. I'm just pretty much a waste of space. I develop a hatred (within an hour) for any job that I get.. I know college would be a waste of money (I'd just mess it up).. and um.. all I do pretty much is mess around with guitars.. but I (honestly) lack the talent to ever be in a band, or a tech at a shop, or.. anything but a hobbyist, really.

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  1. THe S-M kit has everything except maybe the rubber bands.. and it also already has the sides glued together with the kerfing, and also the purfling is in the top. I will leave notes where I left off on the project. I just don't have the time or resources ($$) for it anymore. Make me an offer. Also, a hardly used Boss ME-50.. with original box. Also, make offer. Would consider trades for guitars or a good tele neck... also - I <3 cash (PayPal). contact me at: sputman@live.com I don't check this much.
  2. My Univox Ripper is in desperate condition.. not only are the frets pretty much flat but I can no longer add relief for some reason. I'm in Upstate NY but would be willing to send this out, it's one of my favorite guitars.. but I'm in love with the neck.. it's nice and worn in and mmm mmm good.
  3. I really like the one on ebay, but mine is routed differently so I wouldn't be able to go with that. I wonder what they were going for with the design on the scan? It doesn't look very appealing. lol If you list it on ebay, let me know, though, I'd still possibly buy it despite the ugliness.
  4. I'm trying to find some cheap parts for an old Teisco tulip. I found one in absolute mind condition at a garage sale for $2... but.. all the parts are gone! Anyone have one that they could make me a pickguard tracing of? Could anyone out there make me a pickguard? Any help appreciated.
  5. I need the following: Pickguard (I would settle for a 1 pickup 'guard, but the guitar is supposed to be the 2 pup model) Electronics - Or just the pickups! Bridge Tremolo If you have one bangin' around I'd buy the guitar outright if the price is right.
  6. Yeah thats probally what I'm going to end up doing.... I am not really good at it though so if any one is really nice and has some free time wanna put NSK in the ESP font? TY ← FuturaBlack BT
  7. I'm just getting started on my Non-Reverse Firebird.. which.. because I gave up on that style.. is going to look a lot like a Tele..lol... and well, anyway.. I planed the lumber for the body today.. and wow. First, the history of the board. My grandfather who died a year before I was born had a large, unusual basswood tree on the woodline of one of his corn fields.. and he eventually had my father (who has been a furniture guru for 40 years) cut it down to use 'on something' well.. 30 or so years later.. here I am.. After planing the roughness of the top and bottom of the board I was confuzzled to see 'flame'.. I looked again.. and again.. and sure enough.. there's flame in this board. Very nice because the wood itself is rather pale with no real grain lines.. just some decent (not quite PRS) flame that really shows through. Anyone else ever heard of such a thing? Another thing about this board.. since it was so fat a tree..I found a 8/4" piece large enough for a 1 piece body. Very nice. My father said he's seen flame in a lot of different lumbers, but never basswood (that he recalls). So stupid me was like.. "Well, sucks ya didn't give this board a shot, eh?".. to which he replied.. "That tree was the only thing Dad ever really gave me.. I haven't used any of it for anything." eek. sorta obligates me to finish this one. lol Oh, I guess I might as well shed the negative thing about the flame.. the heaviest is all on the outter sides of the board and very little will make it into my guitar :-( I think maybe some decent stain will bring it out really good through the rest of the body though.
  8. Could someone commision your talent? I ordered Tele templates from GuitarBuildingTemplates.com (before they were big enough to get hate threads) and had very, very good luck. I tried to hand design a Gibson NON-Reverse Firebird w/HH configuration.. but failed miserably. These just aren't popular guitars, are they? hmm.. they look so awesome though...
  9. Here's what I'd like to buy to make things easier on me... A rought set neck.. IE. truss rod routed, truss rod, and fillet. No back shape or anything else requierd. Flame maple would be nice, but whatever.. I don't have a lot of $. If you'd like to help, e-mail me for details. a large BM'd drop top. (8"W, 1/4"T, 21"L) Flamed maple w/good glame. Also looking for project parts, guitars, etc..
  10. Thanks Alex! I have a huge piece of Basswood that is going to become my Firebird. I may plane it down to about 5/4" and add a 1/4" maple top. It's not going to be a dead rip off, especially with a flame top, binding, ect.. But I'm overly paranoid about not getting the body shape right. heh
  11. Wow, never seen Conklin guitars before. Beautiful! I LOVE how they use multi-types of decorative wood tops. mmmmmm figured wood.
  12. Good idea Marzocchi, thank you! Thank you TGwaH for finding the pic! Haha.. I'm gonna DL a Paint Shop demo and go to work taking measurements! End to end of the stop tail piece = 4" Niceness. Thanks again guys! This method could be used for any guitar, actually.
  13. Nope, I'm looking for a NON-Reverse :-( They're a bit less popular and the Reverse Firebird is actually quite different than just flipping the "Reverse" style I might just have to eye ball it.
  14. I want one - can't afford one. So, I'm gonna build one. The problem? I need body measurements and such. :-/ I'll probably go with an original pickup set up so all that is fine.. but the body looks rather wide/long.. and I'd like to get it as close as possible. Anyone ever notice the small similarites between the lower bouts of a Jazzmaster and a Firebird? Weird...
  15. If so, how much do you charge, and what's the average turn around? I'm sick of not having my guitar for a week, then feeling cheated because.. well.. it was set up WORSE than when I took it! Right now what I'm looking for is a new nut to be cut (bone).. and just a good set up by soeone with at least some experience. Or, you could just donate me the following tools: Nut File Set, digital caliper, set up worthy straight edge, allen key set, radius gauges, ect.. ;-) If someone could guarantee me a good set up, I'd even be willing to box it up and send it away for a bit. (paying shipping both ways and for the set up/nut cut)
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