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    Playing guitar, record music, and perhaps making guitars if I don't screw up too bad on my first try ;)
  1. All right, I've seen that picture before, but it makes more sense now! Thanks for the tips!
  2. Hey there! I've had a "first guitar" project going on for over a year now. Slowly making progress, or was it regress? That's what I need to know now. Without checking if it was possible I chose to mix electronics/hardware from PRS and Fender Telecaster. When I reached the wiring stage of the guitar build I hit the wall. I've done some research, but still don't know how this should be done. It would really make my day if one of you could download the picture, do a paint drawing on top of it that displays what should go where. So here's what I have - Fender noiseless bridge single co
  3. Looks awesome! I've been facinated by your guitars ever since I saw Spencer's beard bursted SF guitar
  4. Yeah more of these polls would be great. Highly inspiring. I will submit my first guitar sometime this year if I don't mess it up.
  5. Thanks for fast reply and for liking the carve! Believe it or not, I actually used a router there. But I did all the carving BEFORE routing.. BIG mistake. So I just said "f**k it" and just hacked and slashed away just to have a hole. I will definitely try to make a template before routing this time. Sounds like a good plan. Thanks!
  6. Just a small update here. I've made a ROUGH model of the guitar I want to make (picture). Gathered some very useful experiences from that and will hopefully make the final version look better. I scrapped the "maple top" idea. Got a piece of mahogany and have started drawing lines and stuff on it. I have one question: Does anyone know how deep the neck humbucker pocket (it's a PRS humbucker) should be?
  7. Yes I did! Never heard of them before. It started off like good post-rock with slight "high-five", and then some slight math. OK voocals by the way! I'm very/annoyingly picky so it's not completely my cup of tea, but still really good stuff! I will remember them and give them a chance to grow on me. I'm more into instrumental bands, and when there's vocals I tend to prefer those who I can't understand through the screaming. Examples are Hella, Tera Melos, The Locust, ISIS, Planets.
  8. The music (and bass) sounds good, but the vocals could be better imho. Sounds a bit off or something. I often get turned off when I hear vocals like this (similar to This town need guns http://thistownneedsguns.bandcamp.com). They too have (slightly whiny) vocals (buuuut they're slowly growing on me). Sorry if this wasn't the feedback you wanted, but I'll give it a couple of more listens and check if it grows on me.
  9. Hehe, all of them are good, but the traditional appeals the most to me even if it's the least original one. The first one is cool, but I think it's a look I would easily get tired of. The shape of the combo version reminds me of this fish: http://www.meloyavisa.no/images/Nyhetsbilder/fisk2.jpg, but other than that it's the best of the more original shapes.
  10. Wow, looks really promising! I love the headstock!
  11. When I first saw that Bigsby picture I thought it was a guitar with a "black leather" finish. That would be awesome. Someone should make it happen! Back to topic. I really like the Tele esque design. Nice pointy "edges" and wide "V ass shape". Not sure on the "top left" horn on the jag. It kind of looks a little bit to stretched or thin for my taste. But I bet the finished product will look a lot better.
  12. Is it tomorrow yet? Anyway, happy birthday! Hope you had/will have a great day!
  13. Awesome to know that it most likely won't be a problem with the pickups and stuff! Hmm, I've gotten positive feedback from a friend on the tele control plate, so I guess it's a love/hate thing. I like that extra piece of GOLD. It's PIMP. But I would love to see your take on the PRS body with 6 line headstock!
  14. @westheman Thanks for the heads up. The name is really stuck in my head at the moment. But I haven't started on the guitar yet, so I might come up with something more original when the time comes to baptize it. I did some searches and it appears all the good knockoffs are used. I didn't find anything on "pussycaster" though, so it might end up being my mojo axe.. @SwedishLuthier I guess I'll just have to take a leap of faith with the stuffing. Luckily the buttons and pots are cheap, but I really hope the electronic parts and the pickups speaks the same language.
  15. Yeah it's not the most original name out there... But I didn't know about it when I thought of the name. Anyway, it's only going to be this guitar with that name. The story behind the name is that I make music under the name "Manet", and that is the Norwegian word for jellyfish, hence the name Jellycaster.
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