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  1. Use the polishing compound!!! It makes a huge difference. I rub out guitars and thought "this looks great!" and then polished them and... "Gat-damn, this looks f@$kin' unbeliveable!!!!!" It's well worth the extra $4.
  2. Hey all, Anyone know where I can buy a Floyd Rose style bridge that comes equipped with piezo pickups in the saddles? I've scoured the net and all I can find is the Ibanez Lo Pro, which is great BUT, I can't find where to buy one! I don't want to buy an entire guitar just to get the bridge I want!
  3. just twist on some new wire and tin with solder. A little piece of heat-shrink tubing will cover the joint and avoid a short.
  4. You can get the Ghost Modular Piezo system for 7 string and just buy the hexaphonic preamp instead of (or as well as depending on budget) the acousti-phonic preamp. Check it out here. This will allow you to have acoustic and synth sounds. As for the sustainer, It will work fine with seven strings you just have to build your driver to cover the extra spacing. I don't think the circuit will need to be changed. I've been using the fetzer-ruby circuit with good results on a 6 string but the boys on the sustainer thread are devising a new and improved circuit. Read the last 2 pages to find out a
  5. Well, obviously no one here knows anything about 9 pin output jacks! On the plus side, I managed to find the answer to my query. So now we all know. The Answer
  6. Hey all. I got a 9 pin stereo output jack that can be used to close the 9v circuit to activate my piezo preamp. My question is, what are the 9 lugs for? how do I wire it into my circuit? I tried google but, alas, to no avail. Edit: This is what I'm refering to... Stereo Switching Jack Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I used the methyl-hydrate between coats and it seemed to work just fine. I have no witness lines from the previous days coats.
  8. This method has been discussed here and if my memory serves correct, we've concluded that this is a BAD IDEA. Give it a go on some scrap and see. You never know. I personaly have not tried it.
  9. Is that not the same thing as methyl-hydrate alcohol?
  10. Hey all, I'm trying my first KTM9 finish and the guys from Grafted Coatings say you should use denatured alcohol to neutralize the film before applying the next days coats. This is to encourage the new coats to melt into the previous ones. My problem: I can't find anything called denatured alcohol in any store (hardware, pharmacy, etc). All I can find is Methyl_Hydrate. Will this work the same way? Thanks, Dezz
  11. Hello Mind Riot Welcome to the forum. After reading the entire length of your post, I have a very good idea as to where you're going wrong. After leveling and crowning and dressing your fretends, use the 800/1000/1200/1500 grits to remove scratches NOT BY SANDING ON EACH INDIVIDUAL FRET but by "flapping" the paper over the frets up and down the length of the fingerboard. I use a foam brush with the paper wrapped over it to avoid digging in too much. 7 or 8 swipes over the entire board (don't do one area at a time, that will mess with your leveling) will do. I use 800 then 1000 and sometim
  12. Wow!! That is some beautiful S#!t!!!! You've obviously had some practice!. Nice work.
  13. I was embarassed to mention it but I've read the whole patent too! I'm glad I'm not the only one with way too much spare time! You're right, there is a s$%t load of info there. I'm curious to hear/see this bilateral driver you're worknig on. Keep us posted.
  14. Hey guys, When I switch to harmonic mode, should my tone change? I thought it would not but, it does. The tone goes really trebley.
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