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  1. I'm just about done with it and i'll have ALOT of pics up soon i've also made a few changes ike to color and scale and other stuff. It's not perfect at all but i really like it and it looks METAL AS H*LL!
  2. What do you think, did you think about it. And for headstock 2,3,or4 would fit fine I think, it's gotta be wide enough though as your neck is so wide. ← well i dont want the strap to be getting caught up in the back "horns"
  3. help me out with choosing a headstock design
  4. is this better and the head stock has been modified....to scale with everything
  5. heres wut the body will look like..cleaner, shaped guitarjust scroll down. the lines on the inside of the guitar represent the carved pieces.
  7. I'm not jumping on you (or anything even remotely like that), but I think you're kinda missing the whole point, even after Jeremy tried to make it really simple for you. You're asking for feedback on your designs, but you don't seem to get the fact that we can't really judge them at all from your rough sketches, because the proportions are completely off. In other words, we still have no more than a very vague idea what your guitar is going to look like! Don't feel obligated to make scale drawings for our benefit - just don't expect to get any useful feedback until you go to the effort necessary to show us the guitar's shape fairly accurately. You're gonna have to do it before you build it, anyway. Just my two cents... ← WELL HERE IT IS I'VE BEEN WORKING ON IT ALOT TO MAKE SOME CHANGES TO THE DESIGN AND MAKE IT TO SCALEHERE IT IS
  8. serously i like it just the way it is but thanks any ways. I know it will be heavy as H*LL but my guitarist in my band is strong and he'll be able to work with it! aslo i have another drawing not to scale but i might do this design also design2 and these sketches are not to scale becuase they are just ideas now, but i'll make one to scale just for you people who want one.
  9. here's a back view tell me if this might explain somethings( if i have enough heel wood)back side
  10. thanks, do i didnt draw it to scale its just a ruff sketch. thanks for the advice 2.
  11. ohh, i love the design i think it looks METAL! but you can have your opion and i will keep you posted, thanks
  12. i am building an eight string, finally. i just got enough funds to start it. Heres the specs -1 peice mahogany body of my own design 30"X20"X2" -hipshot 8 string bridge, black -bolt on wenge and mahogany 3 piece neck -27" scale -emg active 45cs pickups(2) -stain red finish -gotoh sg38 tuners, black -purple heart fretboard -stewart mac, wide/highest fretwire -hopefully a skull inlay design -bone nut here's my guitar design tell me if you like itmy design
  13. i really really like those exotic woods they rock! nice guitar 2!
  14. hey i it looks great but i like your own stuff alot better but i love orignal work but the guitar does look sweeeeeet
  15. I could really use some help on how to build a pickup winder. i have a bunch of links but i was wondering does anybody have the lollar book? and maybe send it to me? i'll send it back, or maybe some one could copy it and send it to me?
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