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  1. Have you tried using a different USB cable? Not sure if that will help, but I've had issues with USB cables causing problems before.
  2. Very true, all electronic devices are prone to mess up at any time.
  3. I never intended to suggest avoiding Line 6, just be aware that dependability on some of there stuff are suspect. I still like Line 6 a lot, when it works.
  4. I used to be a Line 6 supporter, but their dependability has been an issue for me to not want to buy anything else from them. I have the original AXSys 212 Combo amp and I've worked on it so many times fixing various issues. Now I can't fix it because I think the mainboard is the problem, that causes the sound to cut in and out and I can't use it anymore. I had a friend whose same combo started to smoke and doesn't work anymore. The other day another friend was playing a gig and his Line 6 head just quit and so he's having it looked at. I could go on and on about them, but I won't. Just be
  5. I agree with Wes, I'm really loving the tone of Engl amps. I also like the newer Peavey amps, which kinda shocks me, because I used to hate Peavey amps. Egnater has some great amps as well, just depends on what sound your looking for. Randall is really making some great amps nowdays also.... So many amps, so little money
  6. I live in Conway, Arkansas. Yourself? I live 40 miles south of Pine Bluff.
  7. That's a real nice build man, what part of Arkansas are you in now.. I live in Arkansas myself.
  8. WOW Matt is alive!!! Sweet sounding guitar Perry, no wonder Opeth wanted to acquire it! Perfect for their sound and style! hahaha.. Yeah I'm still alive, just been playing guitar is all, I've done work on guitars for people, like refretting a 1961 Telecaster, etc... but other than that, just playing in the band, and writing songs. How's life for ya bro? Good to hear from you again!!
  9. Here another site you guys may not have heard about. http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/
  10. Wow, I'm proud of ya man, great job, and glad to see your still building those killer guitars!! Just had to check in to see how everyone is doing.
  11. Hi guys, this is the first time I've logged on to the site in ages I guess. Anyway, I didn't realize that you couldn't see the Making of a Strat tutorial anymore. I got it in a PDF format now, and I don't mind posting a link so people can download it. That is if anyone is interested in it. Good luck on your project, and go ahead like Mickguard said, and build the whole thing, you'll be proud you did!!!
  12. Happy Belated Birthday Matt, and thank you again for that awesome Strat project!

  13. I read about it in the last issue of Sound on Sound magazine, and was glad to hear about it because I'd always wanted their Amp Farm which has been used on tons of records, but it was only a TDM Pro Tool format. I was finally glad to see Line 6 to put out a new plugin that the RTAS, VST, and AU format, for us less fortunate to not own a Pro Tools HD setup. So, I'm definitely wanting to buy it soon. I've also got my eye out on IK Multimedia's new Amplitube Jimi Hendrix plugin. Yeah I'd seen Alex using some Behringer stuff. BTW, have you bought the newest Rush album? It just came out.
  14. If you don't already own any recording gear like POD series etc., and want to buy Line 6, I would highly advise you to consider the new Line 6 GearBox Plugin. It's gotten great reviews and to me sounds great, but the main reason is because your never commited to the sound you are using at the time of recording, and can change it at any time you want when mixing. This gives you unrivaled flexiblity that you can't get when recording through gear into the computer. I use Guitar Rigs 2 right now and absolutely love it for recording, but since the new Line 6 plugin is out, I'm getting anxious to
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