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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Matt, and thank you again for that awesome Strat project!

  2. If you built the neck or bought the neck before you had the bridge, you could have used this to find out what kind of bridge you could have used knowing the string spacing of it. You can read this article I wrote to see how you can figure it out. Now, if you had the bridge before you made the neck, then if you knew what size the nut was going to be, you could have drawn it out so that you had at least the standard 1/8" from the two outer strings to the each edge of the fingerboard. Your problem might not have anything to do with that though, in that like was previously mention
  3. Man, it's totally ironic that this subject was brought back up. I was just putting the final touches on my SandScope© Machine, and have a patent pending right now. Let me further explain what this machine will do for you!!! - Scans sandpaper and determines the actual grit, even if it's been used before!!! - Can alter the sandpaper to whatever grit you want. Example: You have a 100grit sandpaper and want 600 grit, run it through the patent pending SandScope© Machine, and VOILA, you now have the desired grit!! - Will analyze your sandpaper and give you valuable specs on it. Like the fo
  4. I think that Kevan and Bill both have a great invention, each implemented in a unique way. We've had the pleasure of watching the Tremol-No come from conception to reality, unlike the FreeLok, which most of us haven't heard of until now. I'm sure both of them have their own patent, pending or established. It's really up to them, and their lawyers to deal with the business end of it, and who legally can do what. I think both inventions are great, good luck to both.
  5. There are a couple of complete how to make specific guitar tutorials. I even have one you might could check out called Making Of A Strat. Building an Ibanez guitar is basically the same process, minus and plus a few steps. You could also go to my site to find the tutorial just itself. I know Setch has a great article that shows how he built a Les Paul guitar at this link. There are a lot more on the site, but not sure if they are complete builds, or ones that shows you the process from beginning to end. Good luck.
  6. Above is a drawing of what Russ was explaining earlier. I posted this before you demanded a drawing of it. I gave you a link that not only shows you how to make a strat style neck, but also the whole thing from complete scratch to finish. I really don't understand why you can't get started. You just need to get drawing out your templates with the dimensions in the link I gave you for the neck, draw out or print out your headstock shape once you decide on something, and like Larry the Cable guy says, "GET-R-DUN"...
  7. It's not something you have to do, but if you don't you might have to make it so the neck is sitting quite high from the body, depending on the bridge you use. Just depends on how you want things to look and feel. Read that thread you found on neck angle again if your still having a hard time understanding the need for a neck angle.
  8. Hey, chill out bro.. I think the advice you've been given is the right direction. Melyvn's book is very valuable and highly recommended. How was they to know you can't drive 27.5 miles to buy one. Chill... First off, you have to be willing to be helped, before you can get help. The advice given to you has been for your benefit. If your building your own guitar, you can make the heel any dimension you want to. Now, If your wanting a certain size heel, like a Fender, Gibson, PRS, then we can understand you better. Check out my Making of a Strat pictorial if you want to know the meth
  9. Oh come on now mattia, we all know you can use a dremel to route out a body and trussrod slot right?... lol
  10. Nice link.. I think I'll buy some to try the next time when I run out of the Stew Mac. I'd like to at least try it out, but like I said, Stew Mac's has worked great for me though.
  11. I always just brush it on like was suggested. Some people claim it doesn't work as good as the other methods for shielding. I have not did any test on different methods though, so I can't say either way. It seems to work for me good.
  12. Thanks for pointing out epoxy, I thought about suggesting it in my previous post, but I got to thinking, "hum, this is probably his first neck, using epoxy, might need to remove fingerboard if a mistake is made, I better just mention Titebond.. " lol I sure didn't want to be the one who had to help remove the fingerboard, so I didn't even say the word epoxy.. Mattia is right though, epoxy is a great choice but only if you know what your doing and have some experience in building first.
  13. I think it looks great. Very nicely done. So when do we offically see the Tremol-no go on sale?
  14. Although I don't own one, the Knob & Bushing Puller from Stew Mac should do the job perfect. Just be careful like Setch said to not hurt the guitars finish.
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