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  1. I just bought a set of X2N clones to put in an old Yamaha RGX. They didnt come with wiring diagrams. Anyone know which colors are what?
  2. Thanks, thats exactly what I wanted to know. I use Cakewalk GTPro for recording and have tried plugins with little success. I have recently been looking at Guitar Rig 3 as an option cuase I am not really fond of my Vox Vlaveltronix amp sounds. I couldnt find much info on using the GRig through a pair of decent monitors as opposed to my Vox. Until now I have always gone through soe sort of effects unit then into the soundcard. I recently got a decent laptop and was wondering what the best way to go would be for carrying a reasonable recording setup in my laptop bag. Any other thoughts?
  3. This might sound stupid but....do these packages work in real time or only as plugins?
  4. You lucky bugger. I bought a 302 windsor recently of David Hayes's brother and asked about his stash of timber. He told me David only sold stuff in slings. I would love to get into that shed to have a look. Maybe if I told him $500 on timber is on teh cards he might open it up. So Mr K (aka Mike Kundicivic) is still teaching. He is an amazing player. I sat and watched him play Mark Knopfler solos note for note. He was hands down one of the best players I have seen. I cant believe he is still teaching. We had him for a few terms at Westport. I would love to see pics of not only the guitar
  5. Just out of curiosity, who is the supplier in Wauchope? I grew up in Port and when I started building my first guitar (it was a complete failure by the way) I got all my timber from Hastings Sand and Gravel (since closed). Everytime I go home to Port for the weekend I drive past that place and almost cry to think of how much Brazilian Mahogony, Zebrano, maple, walnut etc is still sitting in those racks and only for sale by the sling, if you are lucky enough to get the guys number. As for the Sub teacher, there was a guy teaching music when I was in high school (15 years ago) who used to bui
  6. Sweeeeeet. I have been waiting for this to progress. This really fuels my desire to build a V. Especially with that headstock.
  7. This is awesome! I think I posted a question about this a while ago. This is exactly what I needed. THanks a bunch. Luke
  8. Just a thought, has anyone actually done the maths to work out the difference in the height of the saddles between the OFR and the 16"? I mean, are the shims the exact right heigth or do you have to stack several to get them exactly right? It would be nice to be able to shim (or grind acurately) without the fit-test-shim-fit-test-shim process. If someone has done the maths can you tell us please
  9. Dont stress, I dont take anythign personally on the net, you cant get certain things across the right way at times. Im not that sensetive. I agree though, Im probably not at theat level in terms of wood work (Im no expert there for sure) but I have made/modified about a dozen electrics over the last several years and I think it is time I stepped up my game. Like I said before, I would rather attempt something like this on free timber than on something I paid hundreds for. Hence so many questions. Just cause its free doesnt mean I am prepared to muck it up because I didnt have all the info.
  10. Got it, no purpleheart. I tend to use lacewood (silky oak) for almost all my bodies because it is so common here and apparently it has similar tonal qualities to alder. I like the idea of making a cavity in the burl and laying the silky into to then regluing. It seems like a waste of the internals though. I might just try to get him to give me 2 10-15mm slices off the burl and use them as tops. I just want to keep enough on top so that the armrest doesnt get both woods in it. I am thinking about using the epoxy rather than CA glue but was wondering, do you just flood coat both top and botto
  11. THat looks nice Fraser. Kinda like an Ibanez S or something. I like it. All things considered I will try to impress upon my new best friend (person who is willingly giving me nice timber) how it may be not be the best option. Maybe the idea of laminating it back and front over something more stable like purpleheart or mahogany. Any other ideas for a nice laminate combination? I am going to a timber supplier in Brisbane ina few weeks and may be able to get something suitable their. At the end of it all I will give it a try if he really wants me to. THe worst that could happen is muck up a
  12. I love your sense of humour, consultants fee, priceless! I figured it wouldnt be such a crash hot idea to do a one piece burl guitar, it would have already been done. On the other hand I dont want to upset a guy who is going to give me beautiful wood for free. I will try to convince him that a more stable base would be better. As for the type of timber, it isnt maple. He mentioned something about bloodwood but he said he has several burls to choose from. I will take some photos when I get a chance to go and see this stuff in the flesh. Im kinda nervous though about doing the CA glue f
  13. I have been offered a 2" thick face from a burl by one of the local woodturners. I told him all I needed would be about 10-15mm to cap a guitar but he said he wants me to make the whole body from the burl to show off the wood. Are there any major drawbacks to using a solid piece of burl for a body? Luke
  14. This certainly seems like a hot topic for debate. I am going to laminate this neck, not to avoid laziness or because of the structural integrity but I really want to try something new this time. If I keep making the same old thing then why bother, right? Luke
  15. Great, thanks for the info. Seems to me like I scored big time with the free timber. Now all I need to do is get some freebies for the body. What do people think about using Lacewood for the body with a sapele neck, tone-wise I mean? I also had the offer of some free purple heart but it wasnt quite long enough for using in a neck. I might try to get some larger pieces. I am also a member of the local wood turners club and have had the offer of some burls large enough to cover guitar tops in one piece. I was inspired (like many others no doubt) by the Major Tom top and though I might give
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