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  1. cheers man, can't wait to build it and get it all running. at the moment i've been just plugging my guitar into my laptop, and using the speakers. I'll get an extra lead to run it through my amp, and then i'll make the switch at the weekend. I'm studying engineering in college, and i was discussing it with a friend, and we got to a more complicated solution using transistors and other such elaborate devices. I knew it could be done much easier! thanks again.
  2. So what Desopolis suggests would work yes? BTW, anyone use a setup like this at all? I really like some of the sounds the effects software gives me, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying effects. oh, and would i need to shield the enclosure (it's plastic), and do you guys think the switch would cause much distortion of the sound, or create much noise? cheers.
  3. Hi guys, i was just wondering if someone could help me here: Basically i want to make a bypass switch for use with my laptop because i've started using an effects processor software i got recently. It should go like this: So the switch has to be a footswitch, not a toggle switch, but not a basic on/off one. It has to switch between the two leads, effectively bypassing the laptop and going straight to the amp when i want it to. Would this work? http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Module...S&doy=21m11 cheers, bouli
  4. Thanks man, really appreciate the help. I got the pot there and installed it. My dodgy soldering caused a couple of hickups, but she's playing great now. Ah, it's beautiful. So powerful compared to the stock ones. tee hee...... thanks again.
  5. BRILLIANT! Wish I'd thought of that before. I don't have alligator clips, so i just used some wire, and it worked a treat. Gonna buy a pot now. What value do i need to get? Quality, thanks man! Bouli
  6. Hi guys, i just installed two 57 classics in my Epi Les Paul. The neck one sounds fine, just need to adjust the height. However the bridge one doesn't sound good at all. I've read all of the other posts on this, but no one seems to have had this specific problem. When i select the bridge pickup, the sound does come through to the amp, but it's very weak. Compared to the neck, it's on a 0.5 out of 10, the neck being 10. When i was installing them i wired the inner wire to the lug on the pot, just like the old pickup and soldered a piece of wire to the back of the pot to the wire mesh around the connecting wire to ground it. It worked fine, but my brother (Electrical Engineer) told me to redo the soldering because he didn't think they looked very good. Then the whole pickup stopped working. Urghhh. We spent ages last night trying to get it to work. Soldered, resoldered. Removed, cleaned. Restripped the wires. I did everything again, checked everything, and nothing. Then i tried fiddling with the wires while my brother plucked a string on the guitar and i would momentarily get a sound. It sounded perfect when it came through, but would disappear too quickly. This suggested to me that the connections were bad. I left it until this morning, and installed the neck pickup. It worked perfect first time. No problems. Tried the bridge again, redid everything, still nothing. The only thing i could think of is that i damaged the pot when i repeatedly applied heat to it to solder and resolder it. Would this be right? The signal that comes through is clearl enough, just really, really weak. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i've been looking forward to upgrading my guitar for ages. Thanks guys.
  7. thanks for the advice. i actually intended the tempo change, although it was supposed to go from a slow intro beat to a faster one, but not to get gradually faster which did happen! Gonna give it another crack when i get some free time, and try to get away from the repetition and i've got a few things i wanna try out. It's a really cool feeling to make up something on your own, it's given me a small kick to get going at learning theory again! cheers!
  8. Ok, so i made my first ever recording of me playing. It's only a minute long, and it's just a blues rythym in e, with a little soloish kind of thing played over it. i used a program called "audacity" to make it and convert it to an mp3. would anyone mind taking the time to listen to it and give me an honest opinion? i've uploaded it to a geocities website, here's the link:(it's a megabyte in size!) http://www.geocities.com/cunnins4/stephen1.mp3 Don't be too harsh as it is my first effort. I also did it in one take, and i did fudge a couple of notes as it's really just an improvisation, but i am kind of proud of it as i think it sounds decent and might be a starting point for me! thanks! quick edit: i just noticed the other thread for the shred recording, now i feel crap(he's infinitely better than me)! but please still take a listen to it cos i wanna know where i'm going wrong!
  9. cool, cheers lads. I'll make a stab at it myself. Didn't consider ebay for the kit, but i'll take a look. Ah, stompboxes! i really wanna try building one! I'm studying engineering and i design circuits all the time, but i've no experience building a circuit! i'd say that'd be a nice project to take on! I'll give the les paul wiring a try first though! Hope the guitar sounds as good as i think it will! although, i like the sound with the stock pickups anyways, so i'd say it'll be deadly! thanks guys!
  10. right, so i'm finally getting round to sticking a set of 57 classics in my epi les paul, but it was said to me in here to buy and electronics upgrade kit? Can anyone say how good these are? My neck pickup sometimes goes a little quiet and a quick mess with the toggle switch usually sorts it out, so i figure that needs replacing. Also, the one i was looking at didn't include capacitors or an input jack. should i get them too? My main question is, should i get it done pro in a music store, or just do it myself? i'm handy enough, but i don't think i'd be able to solder the lot together. finally, when i'm ordering my pickups, do i need to specify neck/bridge? or is it a one fits all job? thanks, bouli
  11. ok, so i noticed something interesting just a moment ago. When i'm tuning the g string, it doesn't change pitch at all for about a half turn of the machine head, then it "clicks" or "pings" kinda as though it was skipping along some part of the string. I assume this is the nut binding ye lot are talking about. I'll try widening the slots. How's best to do it witout messin it up? cheers lads. bouli edit: ah ha, found it. I went to the epiphone website and found a tech support page. It recommended adding some pencil lead to the nut to lubricate it and it seems to have worked a treat! I was going to use olive oil or bicycle oil to lube it up ha ha! ah well, here's to learning something new! cheers for all ye'r help, i was gonna bring it to a guitar shop on monday to get it looked at. so.....back to playin like crap and not havin an excuse.....
  12. 1. Cheap tuners - dunno if they are, how can i find out what type they are? I figured it was pretty standard? 2. Sloppy windings around the tuner posts - nope, pretty clean 3. Hanging up in nut slots - what's this? 4. Cheap strings - Ernie balls, so nope 5. All of the above .... 6. None of the above .... I didn't change guages, they're extra lights, but the same thing was happening with the original strings. I'm gonna try restringing it again today and see how that goes. What exactly do you mean when you say "nut binding"? Cheers for the responses. Bouli
  13. I've been having a serious tuning issue with my Epiphone Les Paul standard. After having it a while i noticed the G and D strings were always out of tune after i took it out of the case. I thought maybe something in the case was knocking the machine heads, but nothing was even near them. Then it started to get worse. The two strings would go out of tune pretty quickly (bout 15 minutes of play), and i just figured i'd change the strings, but now the problem's become worse again. I literally can't play a note on the G string without it going completely out of tune(flat, not sharp). The D string follows closely behind and does the same. After re tuning maybe 10 times they start to hold the notes, but not for long, and it's pretty much the luck of the draw when they might go out again. Has anyone had this sort of trouble? My squire strat never goes out of tune, nor does my acoustic, well it takes about a week for a considerable change, so this is really strange to me. I've tried changing the strings, and i've watched the machine heads as i bend the notes really far and they don't move, but the strings still go out of tune. The bridge never moves, and the knots at the ends of the strings are in all the way into the bridge, so they're not slipping. I really can't understand it. Has anyone had this sort of trouble before? any advice is welcome as i'm considering selling it if i can't fix the problem. cheers, bouli
  14. Well boys, after over 4 years of suffering with my meager 10watt vantage piece of muck, i got myself a decent amp. And all I can say is outstanding. This amp is really quite a bit of kit. For €220, I really feel i got my money's worth. I had a Zoom 707II pedal but my "mate" lost it on me, so I was quite worried the built in effects wouldn't suffice, but I was wrong! They're all excellent. I especially like the Acoustic modelling. Obviously it's not as good as the real thing, but hey, it still sounds great! I'm playing with my beloved Epi LP Standard, and it all just sounds brilliant. Next on my shopping list is a set of pickups. I was thinking '57 Classics as recommended by someone here, but I was also looking at those bareknuckle ones either. Next question: does anyone who has a cube30 use a footswitch? If you do, which one, and is it possible to go from clean to let's say acoustic then to maybe metal and then classic, and then back again? Or is it just simply switching between whatever effect you have selected with the knob and back to clean? Also, Crybaby wah pedals. How on earth do you get that Hendrix sound out of these strange black boxes? I got one when i splashed out on the amp, and I really don't seem to be able to get it right. Anyways, cheers to those who recommended the cube in my previous thread. Quality recommendation! Bouli
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