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  1. I think we have a winner! It's the best finish I've pulled off yet. The flaws are pretty minimal. I will say that the primer, silver flake, and top coats don't melt into a seamless lacquer even though they are all lacquer based. Primarily the sliver and primer create a weak point and I had a pretty nasty chip when sliding the switch into the body. Am I going to show my lackluster patch job? Heck no! I like this angle too much!
  2. That is beautiful! Really great design and I love the satin and roasted maple. How do you roast the neck? In the oven?
  3. This is where I'm stopping for the day. Actually have to do something that makes money. It's all tuned up and just needs solder. I took pics of the dents too
  4. I get over disappointment pretty quickly. I guess I have always been the problem solver because dwelling on it doesn't change anything. At the same time, there are battles can't be won. This isn't one of them even though I contemplated some Olympic guitar toss action. I also chose this path for my shallow pickup route I used to keep as much wood as possible in the neck joint:
  5. It either makes you stronger or....kills you! I think this time around the guitar can keep the character and I'll keep my sanity. Thank goodness this one is for me and not a customer.
  6. There are days that I want to never build another guitar, EVER. I had several of those days in the last week. While finishing and polishing this one, and being so close to perfection, or my loose version of it, it was one disaster after another. First there were two mystery gashed in the finish of the neck that went all the way to the wood. I tried to sand it out but had to cut through the blue and airbrush repair. It doesn't quite match. Then 2 mystery dents appeared on the top, THEN, the Gotoh 1996 tremolo does NOT fit in a standard Floyd pocket as advertised. It fits but doesn't retain that
  7. It usually takes me a week or two to build and an eternity to get the finish right. I like the Stewmac #3 glue. For some reason I had trouble with the binding glue but I can't remember why. Post-traumatic stress maybe?? Coming along nicely! I love the digital level idea for the neck angle.
  8. I sold a motorcycle and decided to shore up my collection of metal guitars to cover every tuning I've been needing. One of these was a LTD MH350FR. When I unboxed this thing, my jaw almost hit the floor. It's beautiful. It was when I set it up and really inspected it that I really became upset. Made in China. This used to stand for something sub-par, something that's cheap for a reason. "You get what you pay for". Nope! This guitar is absolutely amazing down to the rounded fret ends. What's disgusting is that it costs me double the price of this guitar just to buy material to make one just lik
  9. #2 seems to be more interesting and #1 has a slightly more subdued "classy" look. I guess that's not much different than smelling the color blue, but my opinions are always worth what you pay for 'em.
  10. Thanks, Scott. I don't see humidity dropping below 80% in the foreseeable future. Gotta love Mississippi. As a result I cannot promise not to start spraying with reckless abandon knowing full well that it will only lead to more misery. Whatever happens, I will promise more photos
  11. Thanks for your vote of confidence, but I still have much to learn. Case in point: sand-throughs. I have yet to finish a guitar without 1 or 5: ALSO: I should have used a whole can of sanding sealer so there are no low spots or pin holes that the lacquer can "fill in". It just will never work that way. That thing has to be flawless before any finish coats. I realize that NOW!! It almost would have been easier to scrap the black and start over the right way. Here is round 2 of spot filling: One huge plus is I discovered my scraper works much better than sanding for the sides. I
  12. It's a chrome mirror vinyl decal. It's funny you mention that because I had one cut to inlay in the Orion. After a few practice attempts, I admitted defeat and ordered decals. DePaule did a fantastic job cutting it!
  13. Here is a sneak peak. I am giggling like a school girl. I have always loved this color.
  14. But twice as big as the plastic ones. You have to use tweezers without a doubt.
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