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  1. use the little neodymium magnets, you can get them for peanuts on Ebay. Theyre really powerful. glue them into holes flush to the surface and mount them as far from thepickups as possible, this shOuld work a treat if you recess the guard. id really like to see this when its done!
  2. IT will be fine, the laminates will be structurally strong the way you have it, i remember seeing a test done on horizontal laminates for a bass neck online somewhere and it was grand
  3. Im interested to know how much borax i should use, per litre? per gallon? also does matt work in combination with gloss humbroll paints? hmmmm, really wanna grab a chinese jem copy and get a wee project on the go...
  4. Well boyos heres a new bass for your perusal.... 5 string 34" scale spacing- 10mm at the nut, 17 mm at the bridge- (in between a modern warwick size and a fender arrangement) 24 frets (plus "zero" fret) nickel hardware walnut body maple purpleheart neck maple fingerboard two passive G&B soapbars Active Artec preamp-e.q. (Bass, treble, mid cut/boost, parametric mid frequency shift, vol, blend) Recessed straplocks probably just a satin/oiled finish :Basically a single-cut, Benavente shaped, 5 string nothing fancy but going for clean lines and simplicity)
  5. HEY HEY!, no speak for a while- theres a pm for you wit some photos, hope you like.!
  6. i was thinking about combining tradition with new micro technology, digital effects e.t.c cheers everyone. keep them coming
  7. KRAMER DID SOMETHING SIMILAR I THINK WITH NECKS?!? no too sure, but cheers for the feedback
  8. looks great matt i think the woods are all gonna blend really well on this.
  9. DEEEEAAADLYYYYY! im in the north though, but a quick trip over the border is better than a thirty dollar mail order charge from the, tight fisted mr Stew mac in the U.S. Cheers that man
  10. Hi i am doing a project for my final year at college it involves innovating the musical instrument. Obviously i want to base the designs around the guitar/bass guitar. SO what strange things would you like to see on your instrument, what do you feel is unnescessary or what is functional but could be done better? is there something youve always wanted to be able to do with your instrument but never could? What would you like to see built in to your guitar, and what just plain annoys you? If you have any ideas, complaints or storys post them here and i may be able to help!!! all input w
  11. I LOVE THE PURPLE!deadly really nice, i think thats it decided
  12. E.T.S make the best sh*t out full stop! they take their time but are total professionals
  13. love it, surounded by dust and chips, thats my happy place! haaa ha
  14. what should i do with this bad boy you think? Stain? natural? wax?. gloss? just spray it hot sparkle pink? im at a loss.. Its made of some leftover woods from another project so its open to interpretation I just cant think its got walnut/veneer/purpleheart neck through ash back and quite a randomly figured maple top. I have it soaking wet for the photos so itll probably be a bit lighter in actuality. cheers!
  15. OUTSTANDING, REALLY NICE. YOU SEEM LIKE A YOUNG GUY TOO how you get into this? I would have a dragon or somesuch but yeah, dynamite.
  16. i think the finish is absolutely beautiful, my man conner is more than happy. This ones staying put and its time to move on to the next! yeeeoooo Cheers for all the positives guys, im outta here for now! Goodluck and godspeed!
  17. Just a note on that. Although i dont doubt they can spray a mean automotive paint job, im yet to meet a spray painter who can transfer his skills to wood based products. Its a totally different ballgame, because the wood tries to 'breathe' as its curing, and is also 'softer' than a piece of metal. The wood can also suck solvents in, then try and push them back out, which does effect how the paint dries. Because of all the small areas on a guitar (inner horns, etc), you tend to get more overspray all over, which is counter acted with a quick mist of more paint over the entire body, which adds t
  18. A 90 degree meeting of two pieces with a 45 degree cut on each piece. didnt even think of it. I think it looks fine
  19. If this is two pack, as previously suggested, then those finish blemishes will never come out with just buffing. It will need to be rubbed back level, and more coats put on. (Not having a go, im trying to help) Now, if i may ask a few questions.... Did you build that bridge yourself? I noticed you have stamped it with your logo, so i was curious if that meant it was your handiwork or not. (Not having a go, im just asking) How come you didnt mitre the binding at the bottom of the fretboard? (Not having a go, im just asking) In the second last pic, it appears as though the fretboard is a
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