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  1. I dare you to find a production guitar with a 1 piece body.
  2. I say reverse or regular Jackson headstock in place of the Ibanez headstock. Ibanez's headstock never struck me as very "metal". Otherwise what you've described is pretty much an off-of-the-shelf RG.
  3. Micro Mesh is an abrasive; an alternative to sandpaper.
  4. you should get like an engraved electronics cover or something to commemorate the occasion, instead of it being an otherwise stock guitar. If you go the custom route, I say have something cool done to it while it's being made. I Don't want to assume you and you fiance are as odd as Angelina Jolie and Billie Bob Thorton but, you could have blood drawn and mixed into the paint like a DNA. THis is a little extreme but think how you'll always be connected to your future wife through this guitar.
  5. Looks very good. I like how you trace where your tools should go too.
  6. Twenty......Five frets? Why that one extra?
  7. Yeah, I got 2, 1/4" thick pieces of foam cut to the exact cavity size and put one under the springs and one over the springs. Then I put the trem cover back on, now it doesn't make a peep.
  8. I can't find that model on the Ibanez website. I'm going to make a couple of assumptions though. 1. It's probably a high end model because it is in the 2000's and the higher the number the higher the quality with Ibanez. 2. Ibanez creates their own trem designs but use the same basic concept of a Floyd Rose, so I don't think is a licensed Floyd Rose but an Ibanez trem licensed under Floyd Rose. There is an entire set up of a floyded guitar tutorial on Ibanezrules.com I think.
  9. That's an RR body and a Jackson headstock.... Are you sure it isn't an RR?
  10. Yeah, soft is a relative term. When they say "soft maple" it just means that it isn't diamond-hard like hard maple is.
  11. Chances are those aren't genuine floyds, they are just licensed. This means that though they may not ne "bad" quality they are of a lesser quality than the Original Floyd Roses available from Stewmac or Warmoth.
  12. I don't know, PRS? That looks an awful lot like a Les Paul.....(joke) Looks great Maiden.
  13. Well, it's nice except, everything is backwards. OH, it's left-handed, I gotchya, looks great.
  14. bilious, I want that EXACT paint job for my RG. Like 6 or 7 different paint jobs all layered and chipped. It would look so cool.
  15. Yeah, it takes a while to get used to, but you need to find the right balance of pull on either side of the trem. This is why when I change strings on a floyd I remove one and replace it 6 times instead of taking them all off and doing the floyd dance for an hour and a half.
  16. I see a llama, clear as day on the left side.
  17. I believe he meant how much did you pay for it?
  18. some will tell you to fill the cavities as best you can with wood and then fill the rest with bondo or an epoxy of some kind. Some will just say fill it all up with epoxy.
  19. I got a little worried, the first picture makes it look like plywood. Coming along great.
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