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  1. unless you want to mess around with veneering the pickup it's self, or trying to glue together an incredibly fragile box made of veneer then the easiest option is to rout. this would be the most practical and safest way i can think. get a scrap peice of wood that's more then big enough, measure the outside of the pickup for depth, and exact measurements. now using 4 peices of wood or something as your template guide's double stick those onto the wood as your template to make the box, then route at appropriate depth (probably take you a couple of passe's) now make sure the pickup fits in
  2. depends what kinda of guitar you have, if it's a generic strat copy chances are they will... if it's an Ibanez RG or look alike, that might be a bit harder to find localy, call around though. If that fails there are several online store that carry pretty much any pickguard you'd want. yes, knobs are available in black... and depends what kind of pickup covers you need,
  3. So i'm in the process of building my jig and i'm trying to figure out where the body supports go on the plywood.... is there any specif places ? i basicly just took a couple of bodies and traced them on the plywood then marked areas where the supports would contact all the bodies without hitting any rear router covers.. I'll have a seperate set of inserts to put the rods in for electrics... and then eventually accoustics. On a side note, GuitarFrenzy puts a bend into his threaded rods that support the DI's, but doesn't that make them kinda hard to adjust up and down? While doing a bit of r
  4. can we say BUMP?????????? did you ever do that guitar brian?
  5. i don't think i could have said it better DaveQ, although i seem to have one constant, the higher output the better, cause you can always turn it down a bit or roll back the drive on your amp, but adding drive with the EMG preamp booster or a overdrive pedal before the amp adds more hiss to pickups...
  6. here's the auction GF was talking about http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...me=STRK:MEWA:IT I decided not to go with it, i'm going to laminate a beam and make my own from scratch too
  7. ROUTERS Plunge, pro, fast depth adjustment to preset depths, con: you'rs is good. NECK SHAPING for spokeshav , pro: fast wood remover, con: can cause tear out or bumps if used incorrectly or on certain grains. Sander, pro, smooth accurate wood removal, con:lot's of dust, vacum needed for safe breathing. something like that?
  8. go to your local music store and see if they have a peavey wolfgang, it's a top mount floyd, ie it sits on the top of the guitar directly, no routing, and no pulling back on the trem, only down. depending the depth of the neck pocket and the thickness of the neck at the heel, it may not require any neck angle. These are the only instructions i know of to install a floyd. Floyd rose installation instructions for a stratocaster
  9. only one complete so far, others are right behind
  10. well i used tremclad Flat Black rust paint, but any paint wood do i suppose
  11. I wanted to change the pickups on my strat so i figured i'd try something new with the pickguard while i had it off. Here is a tutorial that will show you how to get creative with your pickguard and create something unique. Do It Yourself Pickguard Tutorial Here's a little teaser
  12. the magnum is cool, but i don't like the contrasting neck colour, and i though it was nice to have an accoustic instead of usual line of electrics.
  13. like hyunsu said, it's all in your head, read and make sure you fully understand what you're doing, then practice your skills on some spare wood, knowing what to do, and how to do it is 75% of the battle
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