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  1. I might have a schecter revenger 7 I could part with, has an x2n7 in the bridge
  2. I would suggest going head/cab personnally, I have had a rack setup for the past 5 years and it has given me nothing but grief, if you are set on a rack though, I might suggest an engl e530 tube-pre and go with what else you have there, rocktron makes great stuff, but be prepared to go through TONS of menu's to get a decent tone.
  3. Title says it all, I have hipshot 8 string bridge that I have no intention of using, black finish, $70 takes it OBO
  4. no offense, but good luck on fret access above the 15th, but if your doing the work then its your guitar and thats what counts, keep us posted
  5. new pictures should be pouring in by next week. *crosses fingers*
  6. I agree, there is more information on this site then anybody would need, you just have to SEARCH FOR IT, and if you cant find it, then post.
  7. Im getting ready to make an 8 string guitar so I need a fretboard, Im thinking of doing one of the following woods for my fretboard rosewood ebony cocobolo ziricote if anybody has a fretboard blank suitable for 24 frets (pre-slotted) please let me know!
  8. I definatly agree that the design built should be the one steve had planned on building, it just seems more personal that way as for the PG idea, I think that is cool, but maybe some kind of certificate with it that includes all the members who have built, donated or somehow contributed to its construction would be better, unless that is already planned!
  9. ^I would play that but it really doesnt matter what I would play, which one do YOU want to build more, or rather, why not build both?
  10. again I try and bring this thread back from the dead, I have done a little more work on the neck since feb. its ready for shaping, I will post pic's again VERY soon, as Im getting a new camera (i dont like having to borrow my cousins all the time) rest assured though guys, Im not dead and this neck aint either!
  11. dont worry about it too much man, things will pan themselves out.
  12. so how's she playing brian? did you get everything sorted out?
  13. travis this was covered earlier in the thread. "standard" 8 string tuning is F# to E (F#, B, E, A , D, G, B, e) but brian switched it to accept a High A, just a tip for the future read through before posting, other then that welcome to the forum. also brian, what is your string spacing at the nut and 24? I figured with my measurements its going to be about 2" @ the nut on mine.
  14. Brian congrats on finishing her up, I looks awesome, what height bridge did you use on her though? hipshot makes 2 different ones and Im ordering one in about 2 weeks.
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