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  1. The main problem with Windows is that nobody bothers to learn how to use the thing. They just sit there and whinge about how terrible it is and how great Mac is. Considering what Windows has to put up with in terms of hardware configurations, it's incredible. You guys can go and play with your white MacBook's and play with your cameras, I'm off to do something useful. And OS X was ported to x86 systems months back albeit via a VM instead of fully blown. Still, run VMware under Linux and you're sorted.
  2. Tighten the screws that hold the springs at the back. That'll increase the tension and level the bridge. You need to get a balance between the tension in the strings and the tension in the springs. Also, lol at the title
  3. Why not just measure the section of the neck below the nut? That should indicate if binding is taken into consideration.
  4. I think he drops the trem with his left hand, plays a pinch harmonic with his right hand and slowly lets go of the trem.
  5. http://www.music123.com/Randall-RG50TC-i160941.music
  6. feylya

    New Amp

    If the modular combo is anything like my Randall, it's a mighty beast of a thing
  7. Except an ESP M-II body and a reversed ESP head with a "POC Custom" logo
  8. It's very PRS Single Cut imo. Also, why the huge control cavity for the single control? Besides that, it's absolutely gorgeous! Well played.
  9. Dude, you're killing me here. I want to see this guitar finished
  10. Personally, I'd put it beside/under the stereo so it's all coming from the same place. Place it on a chair to raise it up too. And watch the swearing.
  11. Well, the way I see it is the Furman will clean up the power supply going into all your rack gear so you won't get any hum from back electricity and if you get a huge spike, which would you rather blew - your $200 Furman or your $2000 Triaxis?
  12. Agreed. Very cool for a first project.
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