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  1. Hmmm, I did not know that Ozark, Arkansas was part of the British Empire. ← There's no such thing as the British empire anymore. We have britain, a nice little sunny bit (more or less) and a horrible drizzly bit (falklands). And i cant remember who i voted for. but i think December's gonna be fun!
  2. There is one in the free section at MIMF. In the libary
  3. Brilliant stuff guys. Anyone got a Wonderful Tonight Backing Track? Need one asap! Cheers guys. Matt
  4. how cool is that, built in EQ? Did i miss this bit, but are you have an in/out switch, or is it constanly going to be going throught he EQ? Matt
  5. Hi I think this would help you: Lap steel tutorial its a six stringer, but it will probably help you in some way! Good luck! Matt
  6. wow a question i can answer! Right firstly, Pros: they are easy to use, and basic airbrushes can picked very cheap, about £10, the one i use is about £50, and is quite a good airbrush (a Badger 200, if you are intrested) They can also spray nearly everything you stick in them, as long as you thing it to about the viscossity of milk (semi-skimmed of course) Cons: Can be expensive You need something to act as a proppelent, there are two options: a Compressor (expensive, but worth it, constant supply of air) or airbrush aerosol cans (cheap, but not much air, u would probably use about 2
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