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  1. This is what I know, correct me if I'm wrong. I remove all the strings, the tremolo depresses into the body bec it is pulled back due to the springs at the back in the tremolo cavity which have not been removed..right? So then to push the trem back up and make it normal again I place a small wood block on one side, the side which is the spring side, not the other side. I also place a big one on the othe side incase i put really heavy strings and tune the guitar to B, or drop A, so that the bridge doesn't rise or depress? That is it right? Also my guitar has a Piezo ..what should I do?
  2. so, i need advice on blocking the floating tremolo on an Ibanez Rg 2020X. What tools would I need? What material, and if I can do this at home and if it is easy? It seems easy, measure cut and place? that's it right? Please help me, I ned to do this badly..I can't order a tremolo no, mainly bec i don't wanna use the trem at all, so the on an off wouldn't help I just want it off.. if there are any tutorials on the site, please don't scold me or ban me,I just couldn't find any, also.. I would need something on making a nut and attaching it..please point me to some links or anything, thanks alot.
  3. I love it, the bands good too, best of luck with the brutalizer stuff.
  4. Yup that helps, adjust the tension AND Retune, that's what I wanted to know, though, How do you retune ? some chap I knew Used to just tune the guitar so fast! Normally when you tighten one string the others loosen ..so I can't see how it can be done fast, that's what i am aslo asking..like anyone know any shortcuts tips etc.. as to retuning..how to do it faster..for eg. if you tune with balance it is better, like I mentioned above, so how else..anyway maybe I am being vey vague..forget it. Thanks.
  5. Since I have a bad hand I can't do unecessary typing, but this is imp..so I will have to do this.. A floating tremolo, needs balance or equal tension when tuning. If you tune the sixth string to E and then you tune the A then the D, it will start to lift from one side and will be difficult to tune and it will take more time to get the trem straight and standard..Now, I learned this trick off an instructional video of Eric Johnson where he tunes the guitar from the centre and then tunes out. He first tunes the G string, centres the bridge and then what I do is tune the D. 2 centre strings tuned! then I do the same for two other strings, the strings being the second and the fifth and then the sixth and the first. When I reach the outer strings I repeat the same process inwards. I keep doing that till It tunes up. Now, what i have understood is when I tune the 1st string to an E and the Low E to an E simultaneously and then move onto the next string group, which is strings 2 and 5, the B and the A string, when i tune B and A simultaneously the tuning of the E's i just tuned goes off by a bit, as on a floating tremolo if you tighten one string it loosens the rest. So I though since the thickest string is E, and it creates most balance/tension/pull on the trem, I could even try and tune up the trem when it is completely flat in pairs with the Low E. FOr eg. Tune the Low E and the High E. Tune the low E and the B and then the Low E and G string and so on. This I feel is quite good too. I could even tune the tremolo back up in 2 pairs of 3's and one combination of 4 strings and then use the inward and outward tuning..The pair's of 3's being 6-3-1, and 6-4-1 and the four pair being 6-4-3-1. Anyway! My point is I want to be able to do setup's for myself and they should be as good as professinal setups, fast and accurate. Also since I'm gonna be knowing this and doing this for myself, I might wanna earn little money doing repairwork, setups, wiring etc..while I pursue music and wtvr..etc!...I might just get a second hand crap guitar with a floating trem and take it out and then reinstall the tremolo..and do that and stuff.. So I was wondering if anyone has anyone information, basic understanding type stuff, tricks, tips shortcuts, WISDOM, to share with me since earlier when the first guitar I bought was a floating tremolo equipped guitar and I didn't know Jack and I was quite small then and I feared the trem abnd stuff and the guy I bought the guitar from told me , and many people told me that this is something I shouldn't mess around with and guitar techs perform the stups and setup itself was a scary word! but now I can afford to mess around and do stuff as long as I don't adjust the neck and bow, since that cannot be repaired and this cannot be damaged anyway, you know, earlier on setting up a guitar a floyd equipped tar to a low tuning was a professionals job to me and now it's like piss man, nothing to it I guess! So is it actually safe for me just mess around with the trem and tuning and action? What I am saying is that even if I take the trem out, It can still be re-insled..right? kinda like a string? but obv more complicated.... Also I think the floating tremolos are awesome! I can't play much guitar or I can't do whammying much, but from what I have heard and seen people, people like Vai, it is absolutely Jaw Dropping, and very inviting I must say, I just feel like mastering this bridge now and knowing everything about it..SO.. Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere in what I have written above, and partly why i wrote in the form of facts rather than questions cause I just wanna let the person readingmy post know what I know, and then ask questions and well ask for correctino and more Info since I wanna learn and know more, So also what's your approach when retuning a floyd, when tuning the bridge back up? and anything else you can think off, that I, would wanna know or should know!? Also I forgot, Let's say I'm allin tune and the tremolo angle needs to be raised, or decreased, so I tighten or loosen the strings from the screws in the cavity at the back(Don't know technical terms) , will I have to retune the guitar or just do a pull or dive bomb and then tune and then the result will show when I look at the tremolo Angle, Am i being clear or is this query of mine hard to understand. When the trem angel isn't right, we do what we need to to fix it, like either tighten or loosen, so...Will it automaticall show a difference up front at the trem when I've finished adjusting the tension from the back? or will I need to dead the trem and retune?
  6. 2. What's the guitar? If it looks 'flat', it's probably satin poly, might be oil. Ibanez Rg2020TB... Also I have seen alot of products, cause uptil now it was a piece of cloth only, but i saw this extreme metal polish and then this and then that and there are tons of books on maintenance and tons of things that cna happen to your guitar over the years...thus i was asking, so what about all these products? like extreme metal polish, guitar polish etc..and comparison with lemon oil, I bet there's alot of Info, but anything's fine just want a general idea so that I can use this guitar for years to come and not have to replace it or regret not taking care of it..also what you would do or do ..thanks people!
  7. Nothing here related to building, but as a person who plays his guitar.. 1. What can I use to polish/clean the neck every now and then..often I'd say..? 2. I can see that the neck isn't raw wood something has been applied on it, what is it? what kind of finish? 3. I have seen the fret polishing tutorial on the site, and I want to clean all metals on the guitar now and then, while changing strings? 4. What can i use for cleaning and maintaining the body..? 5. Silarly the fretboard wood isn't finished and i want to maintain,take car, of that too.. i took my guitar to a shop nearby and the dummy just put some polish on a cloth and rubbed it on the fretboard and now all that white polish has gone in the tiny openings in the fretboard, very mnior but still pissing off.since that day on I've decided, guitar tech's repairmen can go to hell, unless it's a world renowned company or professional no-ones touching my guitar..anyhow, shall I just clean that with a toothbrush? I could use a medium toothbrush since I'm not too sure about hard toothbrushes since they can ruin the board though I doubt it..? 6. Also I can't find anything that I can measure 1.2,, with, a steel ruler won't do for me..it's quite impossible? I had a 6inch steel ruler and I couldn't measure with that to 1.2, very tough, any reccomendations..please no order this and that, anything simple and inexpensive.. I have seen this action measurer at stewmac, should i get that..any good...how does it work? Also i wanna take care of the electronics and I don't want them to rust up over time and stuff like that, and I wanna be able to open my guitar and clean everythingm cahnge the strings, set the action ..everything..so what would you reccomend I should buy, get, books, read up on..etc.. 7.What else can I do? Have I missed anything out on maintenance and stuff>? Thankyou alot.
  8. can i just glue that extra piece onto the body itself?
  9. http://www.jcguitars.com/jacwar1.JPG Now, I want to add that thing at the end of the board and naturally change the direction of the pickups, but i already know how to do the pickups, more or less. For the end of the board .. How shall i go about producing that and adding it to the fretboard/neck? Also when pickups are slanted does it have any realy effect on tone, kinda like a fanned fretboar where you're going short on the treble and the bass is long, similarly the pickup moves upwards and the bridge pickup will end upfine on the lowest string, but the thinner you get the pickup will move higher.. is this weird or will it have any effect on the sound and if so how much. It looks really cool but I don't wanna do this If it's gonna be TOO tedious and weird. The only thing is I'm getting a chrome, WRXT second hand and I don't watn a chrome bridge/hardware.. any suggestions as to what I could do, Love the Warrior man, though if you have any tasty pics or links or anything, I'd like to hear. Thankyou.
  10. So how does the truss rod actually work, For eg. You pick a string, so there's contact and the follow through. what you've oltd me is uptill the stage of contact with the string, now when you follow through a proper/actual nte is produced, similarly, you've told me about it, so the rod acts works how? Also a simple question, backbow is concave and upbow is convex?..when guitar is held vertical body facing you..not the back.. If it's a steel rod how deoes it TIGHTEN?
  11. What is the general shape of a truss rod? IS there only one shape? The truss rod channel in the neck is what shape too? The trsuu rod shape and shape of the channel and the parts of a truss rod, and the turning of the truss rod key.... .anticlockwise and clockwise has an impact on the neck how? clockwise-tighten anticlockwise loosen thus I am guessing clockwise is upward bow. and anticlockwise is bow downwards? I am trying to understand everything about guitars and floyd rose guitars so that I can set up guitars as if they're meant to be played by professionals . ..For myself i wanna set up properly my guitar and naturally the more i know the better i will be, this is one place i can ask questions. Thankyou.
  12. Anything that is good for Sweeping Arpeggios and tech metal(rythm stuff). Influences - Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo, Rusty Cooley etc. I don't want to spend much. I just want a Floyd on the guitar a decent amp and a decent pedal or sumthin for a nice tone so atleast i sound nice. I don't wanna play any cover songs. I wanna do this full time, music/tar etc. I plan to jam along with songs and stuff, for the purpose of learning and learning from stuff that influences me. So if I wanna jam to Mother War(Decapitated) and stuff I wanna have a decent sound, prolly a metal tone so i can be happy jamming along. That's just the tone and music and amps and pedals and stuff. The reason i started this thread is because I have played on a RG370dx, and man sitting here on the internet i could never have known how it would play but RG's with wizard2 necks seemed like decent guitars, until i played one. I guess I like a slightly thicker neck but since i'm into stuff that requires speed and stuff, shredding and stuff i guess a thick neckk would suck, but as a beginner i prolly won't be becoming blinding fast anytime soon, so i don't know what to go for. I've been trying to read and see which is good, for radiuses and neck thicknessed, but i can't relly say with measurements, but i know for sure the thin necks are crap for me, and i'll prolly know which tars good once i pick it up and play on it, like i knew that i didn't like the ibanez. If you have any suggestions i'd like to hear them also for the amp and tone and stuff and also for what pickup combination pedal etc. Thank you.
  13. Hi i'm going to be buying a guitar soon and i have to choose which one. I'm having difficulty choosing a guitar. I don't care much about it's shape and colour. I want a guitar which will play well.
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