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  1. I've played the piano since I was 4 (now 12 years) and I also play the violin, which I started 2 years ago. In grades 5/6 I played trombone/tuba/trumpet but I hated the teacher so band class was pretty much just a joke.
  2. First of all, I voted undecided 'cause I'm not sure, and even though I'm pretty sure I made the opposite argument on here a while ago, I'll say this anyway. C'mon, does that point really have any valid reason for legalizing marijuana? Essentially what you are saying is: It's bad, but it's not as bad as some other stuff, so it should be legal. That argument, if anything, isnt an argument in support of legalizing marijuana, but an argument in support of the outlawing of alcohol and those certain prescription drugs. ...or I could be way off, its still early
  3. Those massive humps are supposed to be a...reference point, I guess, when you're shifting into higher positions on the neck. You could normally use the body as a reference point but these violins are obviously....differently shaped, so you'd need another reference point. Also, LGM, do you know how the tuning pegs work on these violins? because the headstock definately doesn't look like that of a normal violin. Oh yea, those are AWESOME looking violins btw.
  4. I looooooove dream theater!!! They're definately my favourite band. About the changing rythms: I like them, but I sorta liked them better when it was the first couple times I had listened to the song and didn't know it was coming. Now when I'm listening to them and the rythm changes, it doesn't sound as weird/cool 'cause I'm expecting it......or maybe I just listen to too much DT... Oh, and Smitty, that was the most ADD post I've ever seen.
  5. # - father charles goes down and ends battle b - battle ends and down goes charles' father ???
  6. "light explosives now.........and...........now" hehehhe
  7. hmmm.....if we aren't allowed to swear, and if we do, it will be edited out anyway....whats the point in NOT having the language filter on? just seems like you guys are making more work for yourself...
  8. Well, I haven't posted much in this thread, but I thought I had to reply to this, just...because. The preceding does absolutely nothing to help you, litch, or the forum as a whole. It was and is the most obnoxious and outright example of how you (kevan), have abused your newly obtained power, as an admin on PG. To me, it seems nothing more than an attempt to turn the forum against a single forum member, who has (obviously) pissed you off in the past. Simple as that. Now, you can pick apart my post , and tear me a new one, but thats my opinion and its not going to change.
  9. we have that in Canada, only its called MXC. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, its hilarious. EDIT: sorry, who keeps bringing back these old polls?
  10. What difference does it make if you cover a whole top that "you need to look at forever" in veneer versus with a thicker top. It won't look any different... Or say your guitar to sound like its all mahogany, but you still want the good looks that say, a quilted or flamed maple top provides. What better way is there to add some nice figured maple, without messing around with the mahogany tone? Although maybe your talking about photo flames? They're cheap looking.....
  11. Basswood is also a wood used in high end guitars. Such as the Jem DBK and UV777. I haven't used it myself, but from what I have heard (mostly on this forum) it is quite easy to work with.
  12. Ok, so if I'm playing over, say a C..Eb..Bb.. chord progression, I can play over it usingany mode that has C Eb and Bb in it? In this case for instance, could I use C Dorian, D Phrygian, F Mixolydian, C Aeolian and D Locrian?
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