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  1. Yeah, I am also into Bach and Mozart... I just wrote a classically-influenced original called "Lick my love pump" ← It's like a Mach piece, really. (sorry, didnt see this till today)
  2. I've played the piano since I was 4 (now 12 years) and I also play the violin, which I started 2 years ago. In grades 5/6 I played trombone/tuba/trumpet but I hated the teacher so band class was pretty much just a joke.
  3. First of all, I voted undecided 'cause I'm not sure, and even though I'm pretty sure I made the opposite argument on here a while ago, I'll say this anyway. C'mon, does that point really have any valid reason for legalizing marijuana? Essentially what you are saying is: It's bad, but it's not as bad as some other stuff, so it should be legal. That argument, if anything, isnt an argument in support of legalizing marijuana, but an argument in support of the outlawing of alcohol and those certain prescription drugs. ...or I could be way off, its still early
  4. here is some stuff written for piano,by me....copyright blah blah dont steal my music. [links removed] and a **BONUS** [links removed] (just messing with some of the midi sounds in noteworthy composer) ps: thanks to slainangel for the link to hosting
  5. Here's my list (not as loud as most of the other lists here hahaha)... Pablo de Sarasate (Carmen Fantasy, Zigeunerweisen) Nicolo Paganini (violin Concerto no2) Mendelssohn (violin Concerto in e minor) Dream Theater (everything) The Stray Cats The Libertines The Kaiser Chiefs The Clash The Pogues Beethoven (piano sonatas, especially moonlight III) .....probably more
  6. Those massive humps are supposed to be a...reference point, I guess, when you're shifting into higher positions on the neck. You could normally use the body as a reference point but these violins are obviously....differently shaped, so you'd need another reference point. Also, LGM, do you know how the tuning pegs work on these violins? because the headstock definately doesn't look like that of a normal violin. Oh yea, those are AWESOME looking violins btw.
  7. Does anybody know a *free* place to host mp3s/midis? (I searched, but all I found was fullserve). I just finished (sorta) a piano sonatina that I am finally proud of and am looking for somewhere to host it.
  8. Since I started playing the violin 2 years ago, I've become alot more interested in classical music and I have just started (trying) to compose it. I have mostly been writing quartets and violin duets but I'd really like to write something for a whole symphony.....although thats probably still a while away. I'm just wondering if anyone here writes music for instruments other then the guitar/bass (classical or not). If you do, post up some clips, or midi's or something. If I finally finish something, I'll post it up also. Aaron
  9. My current ride.... and my dream car.... super-made onevia......
  10. wow, havent posted in a long while...anyway Dream Theater - Stream of Consciousness Dream Theater - As I Am Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing Symphony X - I forget the name of the song....lol (Church of the Machine?) Ozzy - No More Tears
  11. I looooooove dream theater!!! They're definately my favourite band. About the changing rythms: I like them, but I sorta liked them better when it was the first couple times I had listened to the song and didn't know it was coming. Now when I'm listening to them and the rythm changes, it doesn't sound as weird/cool 'cause I'm expecting it......or maybe I just listen to too much DT... Oh, and Smitty, that was the most ADD post I've ever seen.
  12. Your co-worker might be demo-ing skis then, different from renting. Most ski resorts do not get new skis every season and when you rent, its just the luck of the draw, and most of the time, you won't get lucky. Demo-ing skis on the other hand, is quite different, demo skis will always be the latest gear out on the market. When you demo skis, it is like renting them for the entire season...sort of/sometimes. I'm not entirely sure how the process works. If you do decide to buy skis, I would look at the salomon streetracer 6 or 7, higher numbers will probably be more expensive/stiff. Also, if
  13. # - father charles goes down and ends battle b - battle ends and down goes charles' father ???
  14. hmmm.... for me: finish learning trilogy by malmsteen learn... - string skipping solo in erotomania - baroque and roll by malmsteen - symphony no. 25 by mozart also: put together my damn strat!!!! and finally: save enough money to buy a car after next christmas (r32 skyline gts-t type m, nissan 240sx coupe or datsun z)
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