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  1. It's juat how the finger rest is mounted. Benedetto uses screws in the neck and no bracket attached the the body.
  2. Thanks guys! Pros, it seems the screw method is common, though I don't find it to be terribly elegant nor is it easily adjustable. I will likely be coming up with another attachment method for the follow on guitars.
  3. I've been pretty slow with updates on this. The guitar's done. Overall, I'm happy with the guitar. I had a few issues trying to keep the finish thin ad as a result had a few spots with sand through that required respraying. I'll have to do some reading up on better techniques for wet sanding a polishing. In the end my hesistance to sand through and respray any more means the finish still has some scratches and swirls. It may simply come down to having to go with a proper buffing wheel, rather than hand polishing.
  4. The snakewood looks great. I've wanted to use some, as I think it's one of the best looking and most unique woods for fretboards. I have read about issues with checking and cracks in snakewood. Have you had any issues?
  5. I've been away for a while. You're burst looks outstanding! I can't wait to see how it turns out with all the ebony bits and string up.
  6. Thanks guys, I am very happy with how it's coming together. I glue in the neck. Shaping the neck extension was tedious to say the least. I used chisels to get it roughly to shape. After that, I placed sandpaper between the top and underside of the fretboard extension and pulled it out until I got a tight fit. I applied glue only to the inside of the joint and a bead to the fretboard extension, as described in the Benedetto book. A single clamp with a couple of cauls held the neck in place. I am now into the tedious process of grain filling the walnut. One of the reasons I'm
  7. I decided to take some time to work on some of the small bits - bridge, tailpiece and fingerrest. The bridge is right out of Benedetto's book. Two piece ebony with knurled adjustment posts. I simply cut the two pieces to the correct size and shaped them using files, chisels and a spindle sander. It' rough fit to the body top. I'll sand it for a perfect for once the body is finished. The tailpiece was made at the same time. Again, right from the Benedetto book, but with a slightly different profile. The string anchors were drilled with a drill press and the slots added with a Dremel in the
  8. Yeah, I'm gonna skip the additional veneer. Thanks for the input!
  9. This will be the last update as I'm going on a business trip for the next 2 weeks. I have carved the neck. I still need to do some final shaping of the heel and the bottom of the fretboard extension. I carved two areas of the neck, near the nut and heel with a surform and rasp and then connected the two points. Final shaping was done with a spokeshave. I test fit the neck in order to get an idea of the shaping required for the fretboard extension and the alignment of the neck wrt the body centerline. I've marked the fretboard extension outline. It promises to be a tediou
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