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  1. Lest you have not SINNED DON'T cast THE FIRST STONE. everybody would read what they wrote=would know I didn't do anything wrong. All I want my question answered Is 1 or 2 meg volume pots is even worth swapping over 500k? On a les paul.
  2. All warning points bogus. The 1st warning point 2005 reason other. 2 warning points abusive behavior. Abusive behavior really? I post something to see if anybody knows the pot thing. You're not mod worthy. Read the entire thread all I got trolled by you and other member(s) I crack pretty harmless joke in return and I'm like some kind of monster. Please all I want is feed back on the pots. I'm not playing any games if you don't have the answer to my thread why bother posting?
  3. Just because you have prostate problem, does not give you the right to insult other members. If you don't have the answer please just go away.I Posted about an electronic issue. You need go to a different forum. Westheman got it.
  4. 1-2 megs volume pots sux, but pot with compaciter and resister for tone pot supposedly good with good with hi-output passive pup. Westheman please leave those goats alone
  5. oh yeah I forgot something. I think the 1 meg with a resistor and compasitor in the tone pot might be ok at 1-2 megs. Probably not for volume pot.
  6. All that wiring is such a mess. My friend was not listening and pot wont turn down. The pots are 500k. After I installed the p90 sized dimarzio super distortion in. It sounded powerful, but bought a 1 meg volume pot. I can go 1-10 but dose not have the power. It actually sounds 50% less sustain and loudness than the 500k pot in the bridge. I did install 500k in the strat it sounds way better than the 250k. 1-2 meg for humpbucker is that just going backwards vs 500k. I have used both torress and guitar fetish pots.
  7. um I used be able solder pups to pots, but too much head banging. I have pick up in the bridge lp style guitar. The existing wiring is messy. I'm trying to solder the red on the pot and solder the green and bare wire to grounded(solder) to back of pot. I didn't find any you tube video. Anybody got pictures or a vid/link.
  8. dayum thats makes more sense. It aint gooey after a week, so stir every 20 minutes for 3 hours must be the trick thanx.
  9. Yeah I'm gonna strap binding all over my body and poor acetone on it and light a match to protest globalization. Yeah really I just want to make binding gap filler. What brand/stipper type? Will lacquer thinner work.
  10. The HB-101 was patterned after the Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model™ humbucker set. It uses an Alnico 5 magnet and winding spec based on the revered 1955 - 1960 Gibson P.A.F. The HB-102 was modeled after Seymour's favorite humbucker combination, the USA-made SH-4 JB™ bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model™ neck set. Like the HB-101s, these pickups also use Alnico 5 magnets, but have a hotter winding spec, based on the world's most popular "hot-rodded" humbucker. The bridge pickup is Trembucker-spaced. $45 shipped/insured to the lower 48 single coils for strats. Middle pup reverse wound kills hum in
  11. I have clipped a few small pieces of binding maybe a 1/4 inch size. I put it in a jar of aceton and it hasn't melted yet and it's been a couple of days.
  12. You know it's a nut, right? Lefty loosey, righty tighty. I suppose you could always buy one of these. Dayum that's like $20? Oh well thanks for the linky anyways.
  13. The toggle switch is held by metal ring with tiny notches on it. I can't seem to get it to budge so I can't install creme toggle ring on the lp axe.
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