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  1. Hi, there are only 2 ideas that come to mind, 1 glow in the dark PVC, this requires inlay work, could destroy your guitar if not done properly. 2 there is a powder you can buy and add it to white paint that makes it glow. I cant remember where I found that powder on the net, but if you look long enough you will find it. good luck with your project. rsera
  2. Hi Everyone, I have not been in here in a while and after seeing this post I wanted to give my take on things. 1. one problem is there are a lot of people here and some are here just to bother people and so on, others believe they know everything and there for bash the expert guys who really do have a very large knowledge by belittleing their post as being crap or of no value. If you work on guitars all day like Perry than I think this would also not be your prefered place to hang out and be bothered with questions you have already answered a million times before. 2. there are a lot o
  3. Hey Mitch, all four of the songs are very good. Got any autographed promos to givaway?
  4. I own serveral rack units from behringer and im quite happy with them. Try to test that amp before you buy it.
  5. I think that was one of Lita Ford`s guitars
  6. Jeremy, I dont know where you live in Canada but could you not set up a shop just across the border to get around that tax thing? Wes, how does the state of Texas pay for things like road repair or school stuff and what not if you nobody pays income tax or is that covered by federal tax?
  7. So I have a few questions for the paint pros here. medium solid or high solid? whats the difference? hardener slow,normal,fast,very fast or ultra ( the ultra drys in 15 minutes in a 60°c room ,oven dry that is) needle sizes, what`s the difference? I have seen guns with 0,5mm or 0,8mm needles and others with 1,4mm and 1,8mm neddles and some with 2,3mm needles, does this give thicker or thinner sprays or finer sprays or maybe wider?
  8. OUIJA DECAL STICKER KIT ebay dont pass out when you see the price.
  9. why cant you have a bass with really cool inlays? That guy from Slayer has a bass with pentagram inlays
  10. use chrome mylar on the backside of a piece of clear acrylic from an earlier post of Jeremy
  11. I am from Alabama, about 45 minutes south of Huntsville where I beleive Brian is from. I now reside in Germany unfortunately very far from Frankfurt. I spent a few months in Maryland and New Jersey but that had to do with the military(Army). I would like to spend some time in Korea(for obvious reasons),Canada( really like fishing and the nature thing),South America,Australia and Japan. I have been to Holland,Belgium,France and Austria. It would be cool to go back to Holland but Alex lives on the otherside according to the map so it would be a long ride over there.
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