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  1. I have very little experience in different pickups and since I've heard so much good about Dimarzio I thought I'd try them. I play a lot of blues but I'm just getting into more stuff like Dragonforce, Vai, and Satriani. The next guitar I want to build I want more of a metal sound. I'm thinking of using an Evo in the neck and a Paf Pro or Paf Joe. Does this sound alright? I'd like some help choosing, because all of the descriptions all sort of sound the same. I play through a Line Six Spider II 112 if that helps. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. In no particular order: Epiphone Crestwood with a batwing pick guard Epiphone Scroll Alembic "Dragon's Wing" http://www.alembic.com/info/fc_dragonwing.html this is the guitar that inspired me to start building Conklin Double neck built for John Turner http://www.conklinguitars.com/images/awardbass.jpg
  3. I understand that, but it's just when such an atrocity occurs to a family rationality goes out the window. People are always looking for someone to blame. Similarly families of prisoners on death row suffer quite a bit even though they have had made no transgressions.
  4. This is just an awful thing that happened, but I also heard one of the most amazing things about this event. The families of the victims went to the family of the mudurer and forgave them that same night. I'm absolutely shocked to think about the level of faith the Amish have that they could forgive the loss of a child without hatred that I'm sure many people would feel.
  5. The second guitar I've ever built. It is semi-hollow but the top and back are very thick because i was afraid of carving through to the cavities on both sides. This is the first guitar I've built including the neck. Set Neck Nut: Graphite Neck: Maple Fretboard: Cocobolo Tuners: Gotoh Locking tuners Topwood: Purple Heart Middle: Mahogany Back: Red Oak Pickups: Carvin C22s 1 Tone 1 Volume 3 Way selector switch 1 coil tap switch Gotoh Bridge and Tailpice The nice picture was taken by a friend of mine and shows the color more accurately than my cheap digital camera.
  6. I want to use a Gotoh floyd but i don't know which pickup spacing will match the bridge. I've also seen listings of F-spaced humbuckers. What does F-spaced mean compared to standard?
  7. One of my specific concerns is aligning the posts for the floating trem, because i don't have a template which marks the center points of where the holes need to be drilled.
  8. I've just started listening to Dragonforce (which is an amazing band), and I used to only like LPs and Strats the sorta classic looks but now that I see that one of their guitarists uses an Ibanez RG Prestige I want to build one. I've built 1 guitar which was sort of a strat style with a hardtail bridge purchasing the neck. The second guitar I'm almost done with has a tuneomatic biridge and tailpiece with a set neck that i built. The things I'm concerned with are: 1. Installing and setting up a Floating bridge 2. Aligning everything perfectly (Had some trouble with this on the one in progress) 4. Building within the tolerance of action adustment 3. Things I'm completely missing I'm deciding on what to build next and I'm not sure if it is worth buying all the parts and doing all the work to find out that I wasted my time because it was too difficult. I have access to a complete woodshop so tools are not really a limitation. All advice is appreciated and thank you to those who spend time helping the inexperienced like me, and I currently have no pictures of my guitars up so no need to look.
  9. A really important warning about drilling and doweling! If the dowel fits very well in the hole, do not put glue on the side of the dowel or else it will be an air-tight seal and no matter how hard you hammer the dowel in it won't go in because the air can't escape from the bottom of the hole. You could use a plug cutter with a matching drill bit to get a very good fit and the grain will be oriented the same way as it is in the neck. I don't have much experience with how much wood moves, but wood does expand and contract and having the same grain orientation wouldn't hurt.
  10. First i would like to thank everyone for their input. Is the knife edge the part of the bridge which rubs against the posts? What should I look for or be careful of when purchasing a used tremolo?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm pretty sure this is my first post and I was wondering which tremolo i should buy. I want to be able to do heavy dives up and down on the tremolo so something like a floyd rose trem, but i don't have the cash for a real one. I'm looking for suggestions or opinions about tremolos which are under about $150, because i don't want to spend more than that. There are floyd licenced bridges for about 100 but i'm suspicious of the quality. I am also interested in the Wilkinson bridges which look nice but i'd like to know if they have the capabilities of a floyd.
  12. 1) A 2) C 3) G 4) B 5) I like how a beginner can buy a playable guitar and enjoy it without paying an outrageous price. However, I dislike how simply redoing all of the solder joints can greatly improve the sound. I hate how companies disregard the little things which could improve their product immensely. It's general construction that needs to be improved.
  13. This guy has done it with a light bulb. http://www.billsbest.com/thsidebender.html
  14. I wasn't too confident with my wood working skills so what I did after i glued the oversized blank to the neck was use the band saw to remove the majority of the overhang then use a surform rasp to clean it up with long strokes. At least this way you don't have to worry about extreme chipout like with the router, and it doesn't take too long it only took me about .5 an hour to get the edges flush. You just have to be very careful to keep the surform level or else the side of your fretboard won't be perpendicular to the face.
  15. These are unique http://www.godinguitars.com/godinlgsigp.htm and so are these http://www.aampselectricguitarstore.com/im...elle_deluxe.jpg
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