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  1. The surface did dry to the point where I wet sanded it back to a fine polish. The issue which strangely fixed itself this weekend, was the indentation of the parts into the clear coat. I ended up covering the guitar this weekend on my work bench since I had to move on to building a door and a book case, last night I was able to take a quick look and found the spots completely gone. The first spray for the guitar was over a month ago and like in the last few posts I learned my lesson on using the medium hardener. It ended up drying too slow and causing the pin holes in the clear. As soon as
  2. Did a search on automotive clear and 2K clear, each thread touched on the issue that I am seeing, but not 100% sure I got the answer. I have used this paint before, mainly for gas tanks over a color, but I figured I would give it a try over wood. It looks fantastic, nice mirror shine on it I am completely satisfied with the sanding and polishing. Problem was the other night I placed the hardware on the top to take some pictures of it to get an idea of how it was going to look. To my surprise I got outlines of the hardware, not huge outlines, small hairline corners on the one and an arc on ano
  3. Read Ace Frehely's Autobiography, not much in there that I did not already know. I think the biggest surprise was how close he was to John Belushi, that I did not recall. All the gun play and such I knew about mainly from talking with Ed Roman..... Yes I dare mention that name outside of the realm of reality..... There is a man that needs an autobiography written about him as anyone that owns/owned/or may own a Steinberger would know his name. Read Gene Simmons also, but he is self centered - money maker, so you get more watching his show when it was on. Honestly his kids were spoiled brat
  4. Not 100% sure I don't have an old Warmoth body, but the neck pocket looks to have the Warmoth icon there.
  5. Although I have not done the swirling on a guitar yet, I have done it on other items in the past. I noticed you are from Belguim and in the states we use a product called 20 Mule Team Borax. What it ends up being is a laundry enhancer, when I do the translation on the site you put into the note, that is the same product for the most part. To me that would do the trick.... I did see that you or someone else asked the question on the page also about if it can displace water. I would go ahead and get that, or see if you can find some of the 20 mule product.
  6. One might be a ECC83, 12AT7 or 7025, which is pretty much interchangable with the 12AX7 or just different manufacture design. I know that in my old '67 Fender that I had a bunch of different tubes that I mixed and matched to create a different feel of the amp.
  7. Another thing you can do is try and find a local Luthier that is willing to take on someone and show you how to make a guitar. The advantage there is that they probably have all the tools that you need. Plus I know from my own experience that I am not a book guy, so having someone there to show me is definitely an advantage. I only need to see it once and I can do it, but I can read 10 books and never get it. The hardest part for me is still the neck, I have an issue with the why part. Yes I am an engineer by trade and it is probably the root of my problem, but someday I hope to understand it
  8. PM a picture of it if you get a chance, I would like to check it out. Thanks.
  9. Found the picture I was looking at... http://www.auctiva.c...,0,0,0&format=0 Hopefully that takes you there, but from what I have read they are powered by 2 6V6 tubes, have one Recto tube and 2 12AX7 tubes. On 3 different sites they mention that combination for that model. Based on what I have read that the amp was manufactured by either St George or Teisco Amps based on Massie's specs. As I mentioned earlier Massie appeared to be trying to break away from Fender at the time and was expanding. If it is a Teisco Amp I may even have the prints on it, unfortunately I did not have to time
  10. While searching for the model that you listed I was able to see a couple of photos of the rear of one and there was definitely an 12AX7 in the picture. The strange part was that the photos showed 2 AX7 tubes. If I can find the links again I will add them. Do a search on Massie or st. george and put the amp and model in. Sounds like a neat little amp considering that Massie worked for Fender.
  11. I can tell you that the one that I have works great, so far no issues or complaints and I have use both. The cutters are without a doubt important to have anyway.
  12. I actually just called them on the phone because that is where I got mine from a couple of months ago. These are not the actual Wagner ones they are copies and from overseas, the person said that they should be in soon.
  13. Try here: http://woodworker.com/fullpres.asp?PARTNUM=24760&LARGEVIEW=ON
  14. Anybody try soda blasting? I have not had to strip a body in a long time, but I have a couple of flame shape guitars in the shop now that I am thinking of repainting. I know I would like to try Ice Blasting, but just too cheap to buy one.
  15. Well as it turns out I threw the old paper back on and it has stayed together,so that must be the issue. Now I just need to figure out where to get the paper.
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